Fox News reporter slammed for taking Pentagon’s word in claiming Biden did not sabotage Russian pipelines

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Image: Fox News reporter slammed for taking Pentagon’s word in claiming Biden did not sabotage Russian pipelines

(Natural News) For the most part, Fox News has served as the antidote to far-left deep state propaganda that inundates Americans on a daily basis, but there are instances where the network simply goes along with covering for the uniparty regime.

That happened again on Wednesday when “national security” correspondent Jennifer Griffin blindly accepted a Pentagon explanation regarding the sabotage of two Russian natural gas pipelines, Nordstream 1 and 2, earlier this week.

“Despite accusations flying that the United States could have been involved in the blasts that have reportedly could scupper the pipelines permanently, and without any investigation having taken place, Griffin’s crack journalism has solved the case,” Paul Joseph Watson reported at his website.

Griffin tweeted: “There is no evidence or indication the US was involved in any way with the Nordstream 2 pipeline explosions. My question at the Pentagon briefing today: Can you rule out that the U.S. was involved? Senior Military Official: ‘Yeah, we were absolutely not involved.’”

Her bogus attempt to cover for the administration was ripped to shreds online.

“Oh, well, mystery solved, then. Thanks for that crack journalism. Gosh, I don’t [know] why someone didn’t just ask the regime sooner,” noted conservative writer and editor Jon Dougherty.

“So you didn’t bring up Biden’s proclamation, did you?” asked independent journalist Jordan Schachtel.

“No evidence or indication? You mean other than @UnderSecStateP and @POTUS specifically saying in advance that they would not allow the Nord Stream pipeline to go through if Russia invaded Ukraine?” another user tweeted along with a video clip of State Dept. official Victoria Neuland appearing to threaten destruction of the pipelines if Russia attacked Ukraine.

As Chris Menahan of Information Liberation noted, Griffin has been guilty of brazenly regurgitating regime misinformation before.

“Earlier this year, Griffin put out the debunked hoax story that Russia bombed the Babi Yair holocaust memorial in Ukraine,” Menahan wrote, adding that the report was found to be false after an Israeli journalist went to the site and found that it was unscathed.

Griffin also recycled the fake news that Russia was employing “mobile crematoriums” to “evaporate” war dead when the supposed footage ‘proving’ the claim came from a 2013 YouTube video.

“When news came out about US biolabs in Ukraine, Griffin also simply repeated Pentagon talking points to dismiss the story as a nothingburger,” writes Menahan.

Griffin was recently rewarded with a new multiyear contract, saying at the time that it “has been an honor to provide viewers with trusted reporting from the Pentagon and across the world on issues that are paramount to all of us – the security and safety of our fellow citizens and allies.”

“Trusted reporting,” she says.

In his opening monologue during a show earlier this week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said it was highly unlikely that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have sabotaged his own pipelines.

“Natural gas pipelines are the main source of your power and your wealth and, most critically, your leverage over other countries. Europe needs your energy now more than ever with winter approaching. If you can’t deliver that energy, then countries like Germany have no need to pay attention to what you want,” he said. “You’re in the middle of a war, an all-hands-on-deck war, so you need all the leverage you can get. Under these circumstances, there is no chance you would blow up Nord Stream 1 or 2.”


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