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Image: Critical Disclosure with Jim White: Authorities do not like being pressured by the masses, says journalist Casey Whalen – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Independent journalist Casey Whalen told “Critical Disclosure” host Jim White the importance of holding authorities accountable for irregularities happening in the community in terms of law enforcement and even local government issues.

“There’s no accountability in the law enforcement. But it is still important to secure public records because your community will find out [irregularities] and the people will put pressure on local entities,” Whalen said during the show’s September 19 episode on Brighteon.TV.

He noted that authorities do not like being pressured by the masses. “That’s their Achilles heel,” Whalen said.

“We’ve been exposing how the Marxists across the nation are targeting North Idaho. We are considered the readout, essentially. We have a lot of wonderful patriots moving to this area, as well as popular social influencers,” he said. (Related: Scott Lively tells Dr. Alan Keyes: America’s leaders are Marxists, US now a Marxist totalitarian state – Brighteon.TV.)

Whalen was “demonized” by his state government and was referred to the Washington State fusion center when he was trying to make law enforcement accountable for their wrongdoings. Fusion centers are state-owned and operated centers that serve as focal points for the receipt, analysis, gathering and sharing of “threat-related” information.

“I started out as ‘First Amendment auditor.’ I was trying to hold the law enforcement accountable as they are basically ignoring the Constitution and the state constitution here in Idaho,” he recalled.


So he got 120 full-size constitutions from the state office that he took to police and the sheriff’s offices and then came to find out through records requests that the same offices were disseminating them through the local fusion center.

“I proved to myself exactly what a lot of us suspect and got the documentation proving it,” Whalen said and suggested to White to do a segment on securing public records because “you’re going to find out a lot about what’s going on in your community and you’ll be surprised at what you find,” he added.

Baby taken by police returned to parents because of protests

Elsewhere in the show, White and Whalen touched on the topic of how people banding together can fight the tyrannical government’s way of enforcing the law in the community.

White cited one “severely malnourished” baby’s ordeal of having to be taken from the parents because the cops said he was in “imminent danger” and should be in the care of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Back in March, the Meridian Police took a then 10-month-old Baby Cyrus away from his parents, who refused to show up for their child’s follow-up appointment at a hospital. Authorities brought the baby to St. Luke’s for treatment.

This is when independent gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy and followers staged a protest outside of the hospital, proclaiming that the couple’s parental rights were being violated and that Baby Cyrus should be returned.

Diego Rodriguez, the child’s grandfather and a friend of Bundy, said during a press conference that the baby was previously fine. “He was very healthy, he was strong, he was not malnourished,” he said.

Eventually, the authorities gave in and returned the baby to his parents.

“There is no need to continue protesting or harassing our public health officials, police officers or anyone else involved,” the Meridian Police Department said.

Whalen said that when people kept showing up at St. Luke’s, the hospital staff became very uncomfortable and this put pressure on them. “They didn’t like how we protested. It’s a free country to practice that,” he said. “They actually tried to pass a bill last year where people are not allowed to protest outside of elected officials’ homes. And it didn’t pass.”

Watch the full September 19 episode of “Critical Disclosure” with Jim White ft. Casey Whalen below. Catch new episodes of the program every Monday at 7:00 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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