UN food chief warns of “chaos,” “hell,” “devastation” from FAMINE … expect price controls, rationing and criminalization of preppers … HIDE YOUR FOOD

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Image: UN food chief warns of “chaos,” “hell,” “devastation” from FAMINE … expect price controls, rationing and criminalization of preppers … HIDE YOUR FOOD

(Natural News) Events are playing out like clockwork. Have you noticed that everything emerging on the world stage right now — food scarcity, inflation, energy crisis, escalating war, vaccine deaths and more — was predicted well in advance by Natural News, InfoWars and other indy media outlets? The only people surprised by all this are the oblivious masses who don’t read indy media. For those who do, this is like following along with a Hollywood script that’s playing out in real life.

The next chapter of this script looks like the following:

  • Widespread food scarcity hits Europe this winter and well into 2023 and beyond.
  • Food scarcity strikes America in 2023 and persists for years due to lack of fertilizer.
  • Governments initiate price controls on food items. This results in worsening scarcity and widespread civil unrest.
  • Governments then introduce rationing as a means of control, likely using covid-19 tracking tech and mobile phone apps that are repurposed for the purpose of implementing mass starvation.
  • Finally, governments criminalize preppers and start pushing stories of “hoarders” who are causing everybody else to starve.

In other words, watch as Europe becomes Venezuela, followed by America becoming Venezuela. This is going to get interesting… (see Scarcity.news for dedicated news coverage on food and energy scarcity)

Via StrangeSounds.org:

The U.N. food chief warned Thursday that the world is facing “a perfect storm on top of a perfect storm”… “Otherwise, there’s gonna be chaos all over the world,” World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley said in an Associated Press interview.


“If we don’t reach these people, you will have famine, starvation, destabilization of nations unlike anything we saw in 2007-2008 and 2011, and you will have mass migration.”

“If we don’t get on top of this quickly — and I don’t mean next year, I mean this year — you will have a food availability problem in 2023,” he said. “And that’s gonna be hell.”

What UN Food Program Director David Beasley doesn’t realize, of course, is that it is the governments of the world that created this famine problem, and more money in the hands of the United Nations isn’t going to fix this. The UN is an evil, anti-human globalist power cartel that’s actually part of the problem. If you want to feed the people of the world, get governments out of the way and let the free market solve food distribution and production problems

It’s time to start hiding your food

This is why today’s podcasts urges you to hide your food. It’s time to start thinking seriously about how to prevent your food supplies from being confiscated or stolen.

I have an entire chapter on this in the free downloadable audio book called, “The Global Reset Survival Guide.” You can find it here: www.GlobalReset.news

I also provide a summary of hiding your food in today’s podcast (below).

The short version of this? If you hide your food inside your house, it will be found. Hiding food inside walls, doors, shelving, furniture, attics, etc., is a sure way to have your food supplies discovered. Depending on how tyrannical the government gets, you may be arrested and / or have your food supplies confiscated.

Far more effective food caching strategies involve hiding food outdoors. At its simplest, this means hiding food in above ground structures or vehicles such as in the truck of a broken down car, or in the corner of a tool shed, etc. These strategies are also not very effective and can be easily found through the use of food-sniffing dogs. (And all dogs are, by default, food-sniffing dogs.)

The most secure way to hide your food is to hide it underground in secure, sturdy, waterproof containers that are buried. This requires a tremendous amount of work, but it protects the food from being easily discovered. The more acreage you own, the more you can spread this food around and make it very difficult for anyone to locate or discover.

Use gravity and heavy objects to help hide your food

To make food burial even more secure, consider burying a sturdy food container then placing something large on top of it. This can include things like a tool shed, a broken down vehicle, old farm implements (such as a tractor disc implement), or even a water storage tank. One of the best ways to securely store something is to bury it near the surface, throw some gravel on top of it, then place a water storage tank on top of that. Run water collection from a rooftop to fill the tank with water. This means almost no one will bother to look underneath the water tank because they would have to drain the water first, creating a muddy mess. This takes time and effort, and food confiscation teams have neither.

In today’s podcast I mention other (more extreme) ideas as well. A couple of them are rather gross but very effective.

Ultimately, my best suggestion is to store things that can be quickly turned into food but that themselves aren’t necessarily going to be confiscated. For example, you can start creating compost right now, building “black gold” which is compost soil. This is a very valuable asset, yet no one is going to steal it. Combined with bags of fertilizer (which can be transferred into buckets or barrels to conceal their nature) and seeds, you now have the means to quickly grow food.

See my “Gold” meme below to understand the different forms of gold, including black gold, white gold, light gold, blue gold, etc. You need to understand these concepts in order to survive.

How to practice guerrilla gardening

When growing food during famine, practice guerrilla gardening principles. This means you don’t grow food in nice rows. You plant things in a scattered, diverse pattern that looks nothing like a garden. This way, you can grow okra, tomatoes, potatoes, melons and much more, all without it looking like an obvious garden.

You can also engage in sprouting, which provides plant protein and phytonutrients. All you need is mason jars, water and sprouting seeds. You don’t even need soil or sunlight to sprout foods.

Remember, all the forms of “gold” that fall out of the sky are yours for free. They cannot be limited or taxed by government. You pay no taxes to grow your own food, capture rain water or capture your own electricity via solar panels. These abundant resources are provided by Mother Nature (and God) and are gifts to humanity. You need to learn to harness these natural, free resources that governments cannot control:

  • Use rain water tanks to capture rain water
  • Use solar panels to capture sunlight energy that can power your electronics or backup power needs
  • Plant gardens to harness CO2 and turn it into food (who needs food stamps when CO2 and sunlight are free?)
  • Grow trees that transform CO2 into heat fuel in form of wood, and use a wood stove for heat

Check out the following meme I created in order to help explain this powerful concept:

Hide your food in the weeds

Governments are unlikely to confiscate entire farms. They are far more likely to confiscate processed foods that have a long shelf life, such as canned food and boxed food items. If your food resembles something more like weeds, it is unlikely to be confiscated. When you grow okra, tomatoes or other vegetables, don’t try to make it look neat and organized. Allow it to look more like an infestation of weeds. Allow the food to hide itself behind many leaves, where only you know what food treasures are found under the layers of foliage.

Jack-booted government food confiscation thugs don’t know what real food looks like. They live on processed garbage food and will die of cancer, heart disease or mRNA “vaccine” injections. They likely won’t bother with your garden or your buckets of nitrogen fertilizer. They are looking for frozen pizzas, Pop-Tarts and boxes of instant potatoes.

Also, make your gardening / farming operation look poor and cluttered. Have some junk laying around. Achieve the “run down” look wherever possible. The sooner you look poor, broke and starving, the easier you can get through the food confiscation and mass starvation scenarios because you will “fit in” with the starving masses.

Buy second hand clothes that are too big, and some makeup to look sickly

Finally, visit a second hand store and buy clothing that’s too big. Once the famine kicks in, everybody will be shrinking and their pants won’t fit. You’ll need to have the same look even if you’re not starving, so acquire some old, nearly worn-out clothes that are a couple sizes too big. The more worn out these clothing items, the better. Hence the need to get them second hand.

Acquire some makeup so that if you have to go to a public emergency meeting of some sort, you can add some darkness under your eyes or below your cheek bones to look like you’re sickly and / or starving. If you look to well fed, rosy and energetic, suspicion will be cast upon you and you can be targeted by the starving mob that will blame you for their lack of preparedness. Always be prepared to look impoverished and sick, and make sure you have the ability to make your property look run down and even looted.

Some experts have told me it’s a good idea to acquire enough spray paint to paint dark spots above your home’s windows so it looks like it was burned out. Depending on how bad things good, you may wish to make your home look like it has already been looted (torn up mattress on the front lawn, a few smashed windows, etc.) and burned up (painted to look like fire came out of the windows). Depending on how far you want to take this, and how desperate the situation becomes, you might consider the value of having an old junker vehicle in your driveway that has been completely burned out. These vehicles are available for nothing at junk yards. They will thank you for taking them away. (One man’s junk is another man’s treasure…)

You may think these are extreme measures. Let this be your indication that you are not yet fully realizing how bad things are going to get. Those who wish to survive will prepare with all these tactics and more. You also need to become an expert in “no-tech” prepping, which I reveal in my free downloadable audio book, “Resilient Prepping” at www.ResilientPrepping.com

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