Russian senator says state has proof Pentagon-run biolabs in Ukraine are military in nature

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Image: Russian senator says state has proof Pentagon-run biolabs in Ukraine are military in nature

(Natural News) Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev, deputy speaker of the Federation Council or Senate, has provided “irrefutable evidence” that the Department of Defense-run biological research laboratories in Ukraine “are pursuing military goals.”

On Thursday, Sept. 22, he told reporters about the evidence the legislature has following a meeting of the Parliamentary Commission on the Investigation of U.S. Biological Laboratories in Ukraine, which he is a part of as co-chairman.

“Up until the last moment, until the start of Russia’s special military operation, it wasn’t fully clear how dangerous the activities of these laboratories were,” said Kosachev. “The public, specialists and our parliamentary commission have gained a hold of incontrovertible evidence that this activity is of a military nature.”

Kosachev also noted that the United States’ activities in Ukraine violate the commitments it made when it signed the Biological Weapons Convention in 1972, which expressly prohibits the development and production of biological and toxin-based weapons.

In a different part of the report, Irina Yarovaya, deputy speaker of the State Duma or Congress and co-chair of the parliamentary commission, noted that the Pentagon is also working on covert scenarios for using these bioweapons.

“It became obvious that the Pentagon is working on covert scenarios of using tactical biological weapons of mass destruction,” said Yarovaya. “Perhaps, this is that still unperceived reality which not only the commission of our parliamentary investigation is yet to work on but which, without a doubt, should become the subject of an international investigation.”


Yarovaya added that the Pentagon’s bioweapons research in Ukraine should be viewed as the foundation for “a new format of an imperceptible military biological invasion.”

“It is important to realize that the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction is being developed nowadays in U.S. biological laboratories,” said Yarovaya. “Undoubtedly, in these U.S. plans, Ukraine plays the role of a subject of distraction and manipulation, among other things.”

America working to transfer biolab research to other former Soviet states

Now that Russia has discovered America’s biolabs in Ukraine, it will work to transfer these programs from the embattled nation to other post-Soviet republics and potentially Eastern Europe and the Baltics. This is according to Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov, commander of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces. (Related: After repeatedly denying the existence of Ukrainian biolabs, Pentagon finally admits to running 46 of them.)

“The Pentagon is poised to shortly relocate the programs unfinished in Ukraine to other post-Soviet states, as well as to Eastern European states such as Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and the Baltics states,” said Kirillov.

Kirillov emphasized how Washington wants these biolabs to be up and running as soon as possible. He added that, unlike America’s nuclear weapons, which it is only legally allowed to store in the territories of its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, it can store biological weapons close to Russia’s borders.

“The enlargement of the network of bio laboratories, which may be used to develop and store components of biological weapons, poses a threat to the military security of the Russian Federation.”

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