Filmmaker Mikki Willis discusses “Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening” documentary with Del Bigtree

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Image: Filmmaker Mikki Willis discusses “Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening” documentary with Del Bigtree

(Natural News) Filmmaker and author Mikki Willis sat down with “The HighWire” host Del Bigtree to talk about the Great Awakening and his new documentary “Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening.”

According to Willis, the first two parts of “Plandemic” went viral despite universal censorship. Given the third part’s successful pre-launch in Texas last Sept. 16, he announced the the third part is set for release.

The “Plandemic” director said in an earlier interview that he met virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits around a year and a half before the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit. He had been working on a different film that time, one that sought to pull back the curtain on mainstream media and how it has been infiltrated by different narratives. In the course of working on that film, Willis recounted warnings of a “false flag attack” issued by some of the people he interviewed.

He reached out to Mikovits when the pandemic was announced, asking her what she thought of the situation.

“She started to break it down for me, and it seemed so viable that I said, ‘Let’s stop what we’re doing and go to my studio, sit down and do this on camera, because I think that the world deserves to hear this information.'”

After making the first two parts of “Plandemic,” Willis said there was a point he really wished he was finished so that he can move on to the next project. (Related: Biden’s coronavirus adviser says the reason why God created humans with two arms is to receive a flu shot in one and a covid jab in the other.)


But this wasn’t the case.

Willis: There’s so much to tell about plandemic

“‘Plandemic 2: Indoctornation’ was kind of like a last minute, but now that we’re in this arena and this conversation, there’s so much more to tell. Let’s now go on to patents and conflicts of interest and all the things that all the fact checkers wanted to avoid,” he told Bigtree.

In “Plandemic 2,” Willis said they exposed Bill Gates and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and all the things people needed to understand, that these agencies they think are there to govern their health and well-being are actually doing the opposite.

While he said he wasn’t sure if there was going to be a third part, this became inevitable. “The more I learned and the more highly intelligent people that I interviewed to really dig into what’s beyond COVID, what was COVID used for –  [I realized that] that’s really the question: This isn’t about COVID, it’s what it’s used for.”

Willis said “Plandemic 3” has a lot of new things to reveal – including that it was written in manifestos, books and doctrines. He said that the pandemic was already set out in bookstores in the 60s and has unfolded “to the tee.”

“[The] historical data and those documents helped me, and I think they’ll help the masses to understand how much of this was planned, and how to avoid it from going any further and to avoid it from ever coming back in the future,” he said.

He also said the planned imagery is to wake everybody to the big picture. “I always say it’s like the moment when Toto pulls back the curtain and exposes the little man behind, you know, behind the levers, it’s like pandemic three, I hope will be the Toto that pulls back the curtain.”

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Watch the video below to know more about the “Plandemic 3” documentary by Mikki Willis.

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