Pittsburgh hospital fires maintenance worker for rejecting transgender dogma on company forums

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Image: Pittsburgh hospital fires maintenance worker for rejecting transgender dogma on company forums

(Natural News) A longtime plumber at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) was fired for objecting to a meme posted to Yammer, the facility’s internal social media platform, promoting the transgender mutilation of children.

Tom F., as media reports are calling him, says the first thing he saw after logging in to Yammer on June 16 was the offensive post, which suggested that parents’ refusal to indulge children’s trans fantasies are guilty of provoking them to suicide. (Related: The American Medical Association [AMA] also claims that denying children transgender mutilation procedures is “dangerous.”)

“We’re not trying to turn straight kids into queer kids,” the meme read. “We’re trying to make sure you don’t turn queer kids into dead kids.”

The suggestion, once again, is that refusing to allow children to cut off body parts and take gender-bending pharmaceuticals is somehow responsible for those same children later committing suicide because they were unable to become their “true selves.”

When Tom F. saw the meme, he immediately responded to it with the following:

“I’m not sure why this popped up on my feed, but this is disingenuous and disgusting. For UPMC to allow filth like this to be posted on the company message board is disturbing. Why do you need to talk [with] kids about sex anyway? It’s creepy and pedophilic.”

Tom F. should have been commended for posting this brave and manly response. In the words of the left, he spoke his truth and he did it boldly – and he quickly paid a price for it.


Will Tom F. sue UPMC for violating his rights and promoting pedophilia?

After other trans-supporting employees at UPMC saw Tom F.’s response to the post, he was contacted by the facility’s human resources department. One day later, he was suspended. And a week after that, he was terminated.

According to the termination letter that Tom F. received, his statements against the transgender mutilation of children violate UPMC’s “harassment-free workplace” and “social networking” policy – even though Tom F. having to see the post in the first place is a form of harassment against his own senses and beliefs.

Tom F. did state, it is important to note, that the post “goes against everything I am for.” So, he spoke up about it because it violated his own conscience.

The man had worked at UPMC for six years prior to his firing. He did not have direct contact with any patients, but rather worked behind the scenes to keep the facility properly maintained.

“Funny that ‘harassment-free workplace’ stuff only goes one way,” wrote a commenter at the Libs of TikTok news page.

“Having the unsolicited ‘trans’ affirming propaganda pop up on one’s computer should be considered ‘workplace harassment.'”

Another wrote that he hopes Tom F. will sue UPMC for every penny he can possibly squeeze out of the corrupt, child-butchering operation.

“Transvestite propaganda is sexual harassment, as are LGBT ‘rainbow’ flags,” wrote another.

Another emphasized that UPMC needs to be sued not just for discriminating against Tom F. but also for “promoting pedophilia.”

“There is no such thing as ‘queer kids,'” this person added. “It is an alibi gay predators use to hide signs of abuse and blame the victim.”

“The fact that the gay ‘rights’ movement is now openly sexualizing children and trying to normalize it is why they must be stopped,” said another.

“Gross,” added yet another.

“So it’s okay for them to harass him with their false claims and woke ideology, but it’s not okay for him to respond in defense of his views with truth? He ought to sue. ADF Legal would likely do it for free.”

The latest news about the trend of transgenderism in the United States can be found at Transhumanism.news.

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