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Image: B-Alert News with Bishop Leon Benjamin: Americans can prevent or expose efforts to undermine election integrity – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Bishop Leon Benjamin believes Americans can prevent or expose efforts to undermine election integrity.

“Most election cheating and fraud are not possible without collusion from poll workers,” he remarked during the Sept. 19 episode of “B-Alert News” on Brighteon.TV. “So, our number one priority role for those interested in promoting election integrity is to serve as a poll worker. From this position you can best prevent or expose efforts to undermine election integrity.”

He added that the Constitution outlines the process for free and transparent elections – be it at the federal, state or local level of government. Thus, Americans need to get involved in the electoral process by knowing their rights as voters and understanding the Constitution.

Given this, Benjamin outlined four things the people need to focus on when it comes to the electoral process.

First, there should be voter education on “America first” issues that cause every American to stand up. He explained that the “America First” is not just about bringing the glimmer and glamour back to the nation, but also addressing the issues that are happening. According to the bishop, there are voters who are generally not politically engaged, but want America First principles in the government.

Second, there should be trainings for poll workers and poll watchers – a very important aspect alongside an in-depth program on election observation. The 2020 elections was a covert operation where people could not even see what was going on. Benjamin, an erstwhile member of former President Donald Trump’s campaign team, added that this should never happen again.


Third, there should be direct citizen observation and review of processes and procedures pertaining to the maintenance and handling of voter rolls because this is very significant.

Lastly, there should be a real-time evaluation of absentee ballots being processed during election season. He commented that this fourth point is important as voting machines that are supposed to be counting ballots are actually moving or flipping ballots from one party to another, if not making ballots disappear altogether.

Benjamin concluded that the 2022 midterm elections is a real opportunity for fair and transparent polls. People afraid to fight for the nation have no place in the American constitutional republic, he added, because they are going to bring fear into the electoral process.

Bishop Benjamin expounds on Virginia’s election integrity model

The “B-Alert News” host and Congressional candidate for the Old Dominion also expounded on the Virginia model of election integrity, which was first seen during the 2021 state and local elections there. He added that the endeavor, conducted through Operation Eagle’s Wings of The America Project, was a precursor to what needs to be done in every American state. (Related: Virginia upholds election integrity for FUTURE elections as state judge outlaws counting late mail-in ballots without postmarks.)

According to an article, Operation Eagles Wings was launched in early 2022 by Overstock.com founder Patrick Byrne, Gen. Michael Flynn and his brother Joseph Flynn. Aside from Virginia, the operation sought to target election fraud in eight other swing states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

“Our research showed 83 percent of Americans consider ‘election integrity’ a high-priority issue,” Byrne said. “The American people think something, they understand it if only latently, and they are absolutely correct.”

Benjamin also called on like-minded organizations to get involved in The America Project and other coalitions that are working to ensure election integrity.

“Get involved, that’s very important. Everybody can play their part and every single one of us can play our part, if we do it together,” Benjamin said.

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Watch the Sept. 19 episode of “B-Alert News” below. The “B-Alert News” with Bishop Leon Benjamin airs every Monday at 10-11 a.m. and Sunday at 8-9 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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