Serbian president warns of global war if East and West don’t reconcile

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Image: Serbian president warns of global war if East and West don’t reconcile

(Natural News) Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic warned that the world is the closest it has been to a global war since 1945.

Vucic made his case to prevent a global war during the first day of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session in New York. (Related: Russia appears ready to strike the US with nuclear weapons.)

“You see a crisis in every part of the world,” said Vucic, noting that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres himself made gloomy predictions during his keynote speech at the UNGA.

“I think realistic prediction ought to be even darker,” said Vucic. “Our position is even worse since the UN has been weakened and the great powers have taken over and practically destroyed the UN order over the past several decades.”

Vucic further warned that small countries like Serbia can’t expect any good news going forward if this slow descent into global war isn’t stopped.

“For all of us small [countries] who only want to be secure and provide safety to our citizens, there is no good or easy news,” he said. “I expect everything going forward to involve more complicated relations between the West and Russia, but also between the West and China.”

Serbia being used as battleground in proxy war between East and West

This is not the first time Vucic has warned of the consequences of an all-out war between the East and the West. In late August, Vucic said these same forces are engaged in a proxy war for control over Serbia. He made these comments while Belgrade was committed to a path to joining the European Union (EU) while maintaining good and healthy relations with Russia and China.


The remarks also came after a protest was held in the capital of Belgrade against the holding of a gay pride rally in the city. The anti-march protesters waved Russian flags and carried posters of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I cannot say that it [the protest] was a proxy attack because there were many ordinary people there,” he said. “But whether there is a proxy conflict in Serbia … there is one, no doubt about that – East and West.”

Serbia maintains that it wants to join the EU, its single-biggest trading partner and investor, a position it has held since 2012.

But the country is almost entirely dependent on Russia for gas and for the arming of the country’s military. China is also entering Serbia as a key investor in mining and infrastructure projects.

Serbia condemned Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine earlier this year, but it continues to refuse to join the Western-led sanctions against Moscow despite strong pressure from the EU to do so. Vucic maintains that the country is neutral in the conflict.

“We are trying to survive … with as few wounds and scars as possible,” said Vucic.

Eastern and Western great powers are also using Serbia as a staging ground for the fight over Kosovo, a de facto independent nation that Serbia claims as its autonomous province.

The EU insists that a prerequisite for Serbian accession into the bloc would be recognizing the independence of Kosovo. Meanwhile, Russia and China have asserted Serbia’s right to Kosovo.

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Watch this short clip of President Vucic talking about how “we’re going to hell” if the West refuses Russia’s attempts to make amends.

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