High energy prices are coming to America, too

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Image: High energy prices are coming to America, too

(Natural News) At this point, there is simply no denying that the world is in a serious crisis. Inflation is through the roof, the financial markets appear ready to collapse, another global world war is looming, and in Europe especially it is becoming too costly for ordinary people to continue heating and powering their homes. And unfortunately for the United States, we too are moving in the same direction.

With winter soon on the way, some American households are already feeling the pinch as their natural gas bills soar. Since the Biden regime is allowing much of our country’s natural gas supply to be sold off to Europe for record profits, less natural gas is available domestically, resulting in rising prices due to supply and demand.

Already this year, natural gas prices have doubled in some parts of the U.S. – and it appears that the fun has only just begun.

Keep in mind that our nation’s corrupt financial system is once again to blame. Systemic corruption and financial manipulation, including overleveraging, is reaching another peak, which in the past is typically followed by a crash. This is why seemingly every form of chaos (i.e., “covid,” war, race riots, shootings, etc.) is being rolled out as a distraction.

The financial terrorists know that the system they created goes through periodic booms and busts as a natural consequence of all their raping and pillaging of everyone who participates in it. In this case, what we are witnessing appears to be the lead-up to hyperinflation, followed by a collapse of the currency.

The coming (ongoing?) collapse is perhaps the collapse to end it all and usher in a great reset. And as we approach financial doomsday, the bedrock of society, the middle class, is bearing the brunt of it all in the form of runaway inflation.


Is the world about to experience the mother of all financial collapses?

We could be witnessing a too big not to fail type of situation this time around where there will be no recovering from the mother of all collapses. And the closer we get to that, the more out of control things are becoming, perhaps most prominently in the energy markets.

“The supply crunch has made it substantially more expensive for utilities to purchase or produce power, and those costs are being passed on to customers,” reports The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

“From New Hampshire to Louisiana, customers’ electricity rates are increasing. The Energy Information Administration anticipates the residential price of electricity will average 14.8 cents per kilowatt-hour in 2022, up 7.5% from 2021. The agency forecasts record gas consumption this year amid surging prices, in part because power producers are limited in their ability to burn coal instead due to supply constraints and plant retirements.”

Electricity prices are also on the rise across the U.S. The consumer-price index for that commodity in August climbed 15.8 percent compared to a year ago, which represents the biggest such 12-month increase since 1981, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

New England is said to be feeling it the worst due to far-left policies that have gutted the region of dependable energy sources in favor of “renewable” pipe dreams like wind and solar.

Many of these so-called renewable energy projects are not even finished yet, while the fossil fuel-based energy systems these projects are intended to replace have already been shuttered – really smart, right?

“We’re still seeing the effects of the war in Ukraine on liquefied-natural-gas prices, and that affects our winter supply situation,” says James Daly, vice president of energy supply at Eversource Energy, a utility company that serves about four million electricity and natural gas customers throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

The latest news about what is unfolding for the current global world order can be found at Collapse.news.

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