The Lancet’s “Covid-19 Commission” decides that covid may have come from a U.S.-run biolab after all

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Image: The Lancet’s “Covid-19 Commission” decides that covid may have come from a U.S.-run biolab after all

(Natural News) One of the world’s leading science journals is now saying that perhaps covid really did come from a bio-laboratory run by the United States.

The Lancet, which last year was saying the exact opposite, has suddenly decided that the Fauci Flu may have originated “in U.S. laboratories engaged in the laboratory manipulation of SARS-CoV-like viruses,” among other possibilities. (Related: A Pentagon whistleblower also claims to have evidence that covid was cooked up on purpose and not just a fluke of nature.)

“No independent, transparent, and science-based investigation has been carried out regarding the bioengineering of SARS-like viruses that was underway before the outbreak of COVID-19,” says The Lancet‘s Covid-19 Commission following a multi-year investigatory effort.

“Independent researchers have not yet investigated the U.S. laboratories engaged in the laboratory manipulation of SARS-CoV-like viruses, nor have they investigated the details of the laboratory research that had been underway in Wuhan.”

“Moreover, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) has resisted disclosing details of the research on SARS-CoV-related viruses that it had been supporting, providing extensively redacted information only as required by Freedom of Information Act lawsuits.”

Will we ever know the full story behind covid?

Those who have been following this saga closely may recall that four months before the Obama administration outlawed “gain-of-function” research on American soil, the infamous EcoHealth Alliance forged a lucrative contract with the NIH to offshore said gain-of-function research.


That research ended up in Wuhan, China, the alleged site of the Fauci Flu’s release, according to some speculators. It was there, we are told, that EcoHealth head Peter Daszak and his team of allies were tasked with manipulating bat coronaviruses to make them more transmissible to humans.

Daszak was obsessed with trying to create genetically engineered (GMO) “chimeric viruses” that can move from animals to humans. He pushed for a $14 million contract with DARPA to further fund his endeavors, but that money was denied.

At the time when the covid plandemic was launched and Daszak started to see his name in headlines as a possible culprit, he immediately penned a screed published in The Lancet denying any and all wrongdoing.

According to Daszak, the Chinese Virus could have only come from nature, such as at a wet market in Wuhan where bats are sold for food – even though there were no wet markets in operation at the time.

Calling the idea that covid came from a lab “conspiracy theories,” Daszak called on the world to condemn anyone who dared to suggest that Chinese Germs are lab-made as opposed to nature-made.

Now, The Lancet has changed its tune out of nowhere with the publication of new theories suggesting that covid was engineered on purpose. The NIH, this new study claims, “resisted disclosing the details of its work” because doing so would let the cat out of the bag.

“As of the time of publication of this report, all three research-associated hypotheses are still plausible: infection in the field, infection with a natural virus in the laboratory, and infection with a manipulated virus in the laboratory,” the new study states.

The study goes on to claim that no laboratory notebooks, databases, email records, or samples have ever been made available to independent researchers, which is highly suspect if there is nothing to hide.

“In brief, there are many potential proximal origins of SARS-CoV-2, but there is still a shortfall of independent, scientific, and collaborative work on the issue.”

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