Alex Stein says Baylor Hospital murdered his mom

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Image: Alex Stein says Baylor Hospital murdered his mom

(Natural News) Last fall, the mother of internet sensation Alex Stein died while admitted at Baylor Hospital for “covid.” She ended up dying, and Stein says the hospital murdered her.

In a video he uploaded to YouTube – watch below – Stein shows many of the moments he filmed between he and his mom while she was in her hospital bed hooked up to a ventilator.

The death occurred last fall, but Stein uploaded this video to draw attention to the fact that his mother was put on remdesivir against his wishes. Stein is seen towards the end of the video arguing with hospital staff.

Around the time that Stein’s mother died, by the way, research compiled by Humetrix in partnership with the Department of Defense (DoD), JAIC and “Project Salus” found that remdesivir increases a patient’s risk of dying from “covid.”

In all likelihood, Stein’s mother was murdered by Baylor Hospital because she was given a deadly drug that, instead of helping, actually causes a patient to become more prone to early death – which is exactly what happened at Baylor Hospital.

“I just lost my mom today,” Stein tweeted last October along with a photo of him holding his mother’s hand at the hospital.

“I don’t need any sympathy or prayers I just want the world to know I’m gonna use my moms death to change the entire world for the better.”

Stein confronts Dan Crenshaw, aka “Eyepatch McCain”

Since the time of his mom’s death, Stein has been going around to city council meetings speaking in comedic form to council members about various issues, including the plandemic.


One of his most recent encounters involved Dan Crenshaw, aka “Eyepatch McCain,” to quote the Citizen Free Press Twitter account. Watch below:

These videos will give you an idea as to the type of person Stein is and how he engages with political figures about some of the most pressing issues of our day.

Stein is definitely a character, and someone who has quickly risen to fame over the past year because of his unique brand of confrontational activism. He is certainly carving out for himself a niche in this particular realm of civic life.

“Eyepatch McCain: a most fitting name for a globalist traitor RINO,” wrote a commenter about Stein’s confrontation with Crenshaw.

“Patches cannot take the heat,” wrote another in mockery.

Another called the guy “Commie Crenshaw” and “America Sell-Out.” He further blasted Crenshaw for being a “Ukraine Money Scam Conspirator” and “Anti-Freedom Globalist.”

Concerning the death of Stein’s mother at the hands of Baylor Hospital personnel, another commenter emphasized that according to the latest data, hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the United States “and have been long before ‘covid.'”

“Number 1 and 2 being gluttony and sloth, respectively,” this same person added.

“I hope all of this outpouring of emotion translates into people losing weight, exercising, and maintaining a healthy diet. I wish people cared enough to intervene in their loved ones’ health before things go south.”

Another person pointed out that remdesivir has been linked to kidney failure, which after being put on a respirator can cause a patient’s blood oxygen level to plummet.

“Total payout: $100,000,” is how much the hospital then receives from the government for using this death protocol.

“And probably another bonus when the ventilator kills a patient (to justify forced covid shots and lockdowns).”

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