Depopulation agenda: Biden pressuring other nations to affirm LGBT ideology, stop conversion therapy

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Image: Depopulation agenda: Biden pressuring other nations to affirm LGBT ideology, stop conversion therapy

(Natural News) A leaked internal memo obtained by the City Journal, Manhattan Institute’s publication, showed that President Joe Biden and his administration are to launch his “woke” campaign that would pressure other countries to encourage transgender treatments for children and stop conversion therapy.

Manhattan Institute fellow Leor Sapir reported on August 31 that he obtained a memorandum by Secretary of State Antony Blinken instructing federal agencies to safeguard LGBT youth against what they deem as “dangerous practices,” including conversion therapy for LGBT people.

The said paper had been leaked by an officer in the state department’s foreign service and was derived from Biden’s Executive Order 14075 in June.

City Journal said in the report that the directive instructs U.S. embassies to submit robust information on the so-called conversion therapy practices of their host countries as part of the annual human rights reports.

Sapir said the reports will be sent to Jessica Stern, Biden’s appointed special envoy to advance the human rights of LGBT persons, and she would design an “action plan to combat the practice across foreign policy and foreign assistance lines of effort.”

The said policy could make the U.S. classify first-world countries like Sweden, Finland and the U.K. as human rights abusers due to their reticence to fully adopt transgender ideology. It could also effectively turns American consulates and embassies into global gender-affirming spies.

The “woke” regime defines conversion therapy as “efforts to suppress or change an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”


The internal document reportedly provides clarification that conversion includes only those efforts to help a person leave behind a “transgender identity” and adopt a “cisgender one,” or the gender identity that corresponds to the sex assigned at birth, thereby explicitly targeting therapies that do not align with radical left-wing’s gender affirmation.

US government plans to starve states that refuse to impose “woke” ideology on children

Florida’s Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz said last month that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is threatening to withhold funding to states that would not impose “woke” ideology on children. (Related: Biden regime trying to STARVE school children to force them into LGBT grooming.)

He added that the USDA is already threatening to stop school lunch program funding because of the Parental Rights in Education Act signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, which is the state law to stop school children from being “groomed” into the LGBT “cult.”

“We’ve seen the latest attempt by the federal government imposing their radical agenda here in Florida’s schools with the June 23rd USDA guidance that they issued, proposing changes to the regulations in Title IX, and adding ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ as protected classes under that – which was not designed for that,” Diaz explained to host Joel Pollak during an episode of SiriusXM‘s “Breitbart News Sunday.”

Diaz said the government is basically trying to hold the most vulnerable kids hostage with the food program to implement this radical agenda.

“We have a law and we’re going to stand by it and protect it,” he said. “Governor DeSantis is leading the way on that, and these federal guidance and regulations are not law. In fact, there are cases pending on that. So we’re going to put a stop to that and protect our kids here in our state.”

He noted that Diaz’s USDA’s directive “would end up allowing biological males who identify as females to access female bathrooms and locker rooms, assign biological males who identify as female to female rooms on school trips.”

“We are not going to allow that in Florida. We are going to protect our children,” he said.

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