Global FORCE MAJEURE coming after declaration of World War III – many financial obligations, contracts and pensions will be vacated

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Image: Global FORCE MAJEURE coming after declaration of World War III – many financial obligations, contracts and pensions will be vacated

(Natural News) A series of events has been set in motion that we believe will end in a “global Force Majeure” (act of God) among Western nations. If this analysis is correct, it means that many financial obligations — potentially including social security, US Treasury debt, pensions, derivatives, commodities paper contracts, industrial deliverables, insurance payout obligations, etc. — would be nullified. This appears to be part of the “Great Reset” plan to clear out US Treasury debt (and the overbearing debt of other western nations) by “defaulting without defaulting” — i.e. blaming some other great emergency for the cancellation of financial obligations and the wholesale resetting of the global money canvas.

In order to achieve this, western nations must first invoke global war with either Russia or China. As we have exhaustively documented this year, many efforts are under way by the Biden regime controllers to ignite war with both adversaries. The latest example is the Ukrainian counteroffensive, heavily hyped by western media, that saw Russian military forces withdraw from a region containing around 40 – 50 small villages and towns in order to avoid being encircled by Ukrainian forces. The key here is to understand that Ukrainian forces were trained and led by NATO military leaders while deploying NATO equipment, including high-precision artillery and long-range rocket artillery (HIMARS, for example) operated largely by British and American troops.

In effect, the counteroffensive against this particular segment of Russia’s front lines in Eastern Ukraine was run primarily by the UK and USA, not Ukrainian military leadership. This attack was the West’s practical declaration of war against Russia, even if such a declaration has not yet been officially voiced.


Russia already knows world war has begun… will be declared soon

Russia fully recognizes this fact. Russia knows it is in a full-scale war with NATO and Western Europe, not merely a special military operation that can be won with reserve units. Thus, Russia is preparing to now officially declare war against the West and invoke its full military forces to engage and destroy Western Europe. In my analysis, Russia has come to the conclusion that NATO will never allow Russia to exist as a sovereign nation, and Russia now faces an existential threat from NATO nations and Western Europe in general.

You may recall that Russia had recently promised the world it would not use nuclear weapons unless it faced an existential threat. The NATO-led Ukrainian counteroffensive has now made it clear that Russia does, indeed, face precisely such a threat, and that failure to defeat NATO as a whole will mean the end of Russia.

There will be no coexistence. Either Western Europe (NATO) or Russia must be defeated.

Thus, the NATO-driven Ukrainian counteroffensive just handed Russia the internal justification it needed to escalate to a full-scale war against the West, which may include the deployment of nuclear weapons (but will almost certainly see the use of non-nuclear thermobaric weapons, which are also devastating in their own way).

This escalation is exactly what Biden and the Democrats need to throw the world into chaos before the midterm elections

Biden’s controllers already know they are facing an election wipeout in November. By any means necessary, they believe the November election must be thrown into chaos, or Democrats lose the House and possibly the Senate, rendering the Biden administration largely ineffective for the next two years. Thus, it is in the interests of Democrats to see a world war emerge before Halloween, even if it means staging a nuclear detonation on a US city and blaming it on Russia. Rest assured, this is one of the options in their “portfolio of doom” that is being considered.

Other options include a national power grid takedown scenario (blamed on Russian cyber attacks) or a financial Armageddon that would freeze banks, halt all transactions and plunge the nation into instant chaos and civil unrest. This can be accomplished at the flick of a switch, all while blaming Russia for a cyber attack.

The more aggressive Russia’s response to Ukraine’s counteroffensive, the more quickly Biden / Obama and the globalists can push us all into world war, at which point they can invoke the same unconstitutional abuses of power that America saw in World War II. In case you’re not familiar with what happened back then, allow us to refresh your memory:

  • Forced internment in concentration camps based on your ethnicity (Japanese internment)
  • Government confiscation of commercial inventory from private and public companies
  • Government takeover of private business, forcing war-time production
  • Government price controls on strategic commodities
  • Criminalization of anti-government speech
  • Rationing of clothing, sugar, coffee, milk, meat, cheese, butter and other foods – citizens were handed rationing coupons and had to make do with limited supply of food basics

In other words, under war, the US government became a dictatorship. See these rationing line photos from World War II in America to get an idea of what’s coming (but all under digital control and with constant surveillance by the government):

This is exactly what Democrats are trying to achieve yet again, as a way to keep themselves in power and nullify the Constitution as well as elections.

They simply need Putin to declare war and start launching more aggressive weapons, including thermobaric missile strikes that can be claimed as “nuclear weapons” by the dishonest media. Once the big bombs start dropping, Biden’s handlers just throw the kill switches to take down the power grid and banking institutions, then declare Putin has unleashed cyber warfare against America. That will be almost instantly followed by wartime powers declarations and the unleashing of military occupation across America, combined with the government suspension of all constitutional rights.

A hyperbaric missile detonation near a sea vessel

Covid-19 lockdowns were a dry run for precisely this scenario.

Under the NDAA, signed into law by Obama in 2012, the federal government has the unrestricted power to seize all food, farms, fuel, ammunition, commodities, fertilizer and anything else it deems to be a strategic national resource. All they need now is war.

The current trajectory puts us into World War III in a matter of weeks

Unless cooler heads prevail, we are on a trajectory to World War III in what could be a matter of a few weeks. Russia is rumored to be just days away from its own declaration of war against the West, and this would almost certainly be followed by a stepping up of missile attacks against Western cities such as Berlin, Paris, London and perhaps even Brussels.

Notably, Western European nations have no means to stop hypersonic missile strikes, nor any real means to stop Russia’s mid-range nuclear missiles such as the Iskander missiles (which are nuclear capable).

Thus, Russia can turn Europe’s cities into rubble in mere minutes… quite literally. The flight time is under 3 minutes, meaning there will be no warning whatsoever for millions of Europeans who could be vaporized in an instant, even while their cities are turned to rubble and ash.

Western Europe is already facing a devastating winter with obscene levels of food and energy scarcity + cost increases. If the power grid is taken down and the municipal water systems don’t function because they’ve been hit by Russian missiles, Western Europe would find itself in the Dark Ages, freezing to death, starving, dying from feces-borne diseases and begging for humanitarian assistance from a world that’s already in a food and energy crisis.

At this point, NATO has given Russia no option other than escalation. That’s because, once again, the USA wants World War III before November. At this rate of escalating events, they may very well get exactly what they are begging for.

If Europe erupts into world war, the entire western financial system (i.e. debt pyramid Ponzi scheme) will collapse because it is built on highly leveraged debt financialization instruments rather than actual assets and earnings. Right now, the entire western financial system is hanging by a thread, running on hype and “faith” that’s pushed by the lying corporate media. The stock market, real estate market and commercial debt markets are essentially fictitious frauds, with very little in the way of underlying asset values that could justify the current inflated prices. As a result, even a small incursion into the fragile financial pyramid could result in a catastrophic “contagion” collapse.

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