Chicago hospital blasted over video of mother coaching adopted child to talk about being non-binary

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Image: Chicago hospital blasted over video of mother coaching adopted child to talk about being non-binary

(Natural News) A hospital in Chicago drew strong criticisms after a 2021 video it posted about a mother coaching her adopted child to talk about being non-binary recently surfaced.

The February 2021 video posted by Lurie Children’s Hospital, a nationally-ranked facility in the Windy City, featured adoptive mother Karla and her adopted daughter “Tru.” The two were talking about gender, with Karla appearing to teach her child about being non-binary.

In response to the adoptive mother’s question about “what is gender” to her child, Tru said: “My birth parents said that I was a girl, but they made a mistake.”

According to the child, she began questioning her gender when she was “at least five or six” years old. Karla corrected her adoptive daughter, saying: “It started before that. You started sending out signals.”

“You said, ‘Sometimes I [want to] be a boy. Sometimes I [want to] be a girl.’ Something doesn’t seem right here.”

Tru acknowledged her adoptive mother, adding that she does not identify as a boy or a girl, but as non-binary. The daughter added that she felt “good” about being non-binary when Karla further pressed her.

Karla then directed her adoptive daughter to discuss speaking about her non-binary orientation with her class, and how it made her feel to share her preferred pronouns. People like Tru who identify as non-binary use “they” or “them” pronouns.

In response, Tru shared that she told her classmates about her gender and pronouns. She added that it felt “really, really good” for her to do so.


While factors that led to Tru identifying as non-binary were unclear, it appears that Karla herself played a role in it. A separate video posted by the hospital revealed that Karla herself is in a same-sex relationship.

Tru’s adoptive mother said in the second video that she initially “assumed” the child identified as female. Karla then asked Tru to explain when she “set” her adoptive mother “straight.”

Video part of a campaign to promote hospital’s gender treatments

The hospital’s adherence to radical gender ideology, through the video featuring Tru and Karla, had an underlying purpose: to promote gender-related medical interventions offered by the hospital.

According to the hospital’s website, its services include puberty suppression, menstrual suppression and both masculinizing and feminizing hormone therapy. It also offers referrals for “gender-affirming surgery” – such as “chest surgery, surgery involving reproductive organs and surgery on facial structures.”

The facility added that it can begin transgender treatments for patients no older than 22, continuing until the patient turns 25. (Related: AUDIO: Children’s hospital admits to performing hysterectomies on trans minors.)

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire rebuked Karla during a Sept. 6 episode of his podcast.

“We’re supposed to buy that as some sort of organic conversation, while the child is obviously repeating what has been rehearsed,” he said. “No child thinks about any of this stuff, or wants to think about it.”

“This has to be imposed from the outside. Their innocence is ripped away, and this is put in place.”

Walsh admitted that in the course of watching the video, he could not help but draw parallels to his own sons who could spend hours “running down the shoreline excitedly picking up rocks.”

He continued that the subjects Tru was discussing in the video, which were actually “the lines that she’s being coerced into repeating,” are entirely unknown to his own children. Walsh’s children have never heard of the term “non-binary” as they spend “zero percent of their time thinking about pronouns.”

In response to the February 2021 video that resurfaced, LifeSiteNews reached out to Lurie Children’s Hospital. However, the Chicago-based medical center did not immediately respond to the outlet’s request for comment.

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Watch Owen Shroyer of InfoWars tackle Merriam-Webster’s decision to add the non-binary pronoun “they” to the dictionary.

This video is from the War Room channel on

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