Soros-funded L.A. County DA George Gascon admits he helped billionaire found massive push to elect cultural “revolutionaries”

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Image: Soros-funded L.A. County DA George Gascon admits he helped billionaire found massive push to elect cultural “revolutionaries”

(Natural News) The truth about how billionaire George Soros’ effort to fund the campaigns of far-left district attorneys in America’s largest cities in order to destabilize them and society, in general, was recently revealed by one of the DAs he funded, and whose city is now rife with crime and homelessness.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, who recently survived yet another recall effort somehow, explained to an audience at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Gould School of Law how he helped Soros devise the plan and convinced him to finance it with funds essentially laundered through the far-left American Civil Liberties Union.

And for the record, this isn’t just something we’ve made up or suspect; Gascon described the process in his own words in video clips posted to social media by Red State managing editor Jennifer Van Laar.

“Did you know that LA County DA George Gascón is not only Soros-funded, but that he STARTED the Progressive Prosecutor Project w/Soros and convinced him to provide $50M in seed funding to the ACLU in 2014 to get it started? He spoke about it in 2020 at USC. Here are a few clips,” she noted in a short Twitter thread.

“We started looking at a map of the US, trying to identify strategically, what are the urban centers…one of the convos was, how do we go about creating a movement here? Which led to Open Societies Foundation, George Soros’ foundation, putting $50M in 2014 thru ACLU to begin it,” Van Laar noted in another tweet with a video clip, quoting Gascon, who also said that other left-wing candidates for district attorney eventually began contacting him in an effort to get funding and training.

She then asked rhetorically why Gascon was not as radical when he was the district attorney for San Francisco. He essentially responded: “You have to progressively… a lot of things that are acceptable today, in 2011 would have gotten me – there would have been a recall two years after I was in office, and I didn’t want to get recalled because that doesn’t get the work done.”

Translation: San Franciscans, who just voted to recall another Soros-funded far-left DA, Chesa Boudin, would have tossed his rear end out of office.

Van Laar added in another tweet: “The way the ACLU’s press release about the $50 million was worded, it wasn’t apparent that’s what this was for – but Gascon admitted it. By partnering w/ACLU they could use ACLU’s existing ground game network.”

These people are diabolical. They are nothing more than counter-revolutionary subversives who, under normal circumstances, would have been arrested and jailed for working to undermine our society and constitutional system.

They should be in jail, not in positions of power lecturing potential lawyers.

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