Biden is still spending TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars that were set aside for COVID-19 stimulus

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Image: Biden is still spending TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars that were set aside for COVID-19 stimulus

(Natural News) President Joe Biden is still spending money from the trillions of taxpayer dollars set aside for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) relief.

In 2020, Congress approved over $6 trillion of stimulus money, which was created by the Federal Reserve printing more money and injecting all of it directly into the U.S. economy. When Biden took over the White House in 2021, he continued the stimulus program and in March 2021 he injected another $1.9 trillion into the pile of money through the “American Rescue Plan Act.”

Recently, the president announced that the federal government will send $1 billion worth of federal grants to 21 regional partnerships all over the country. These partner groups will spend the grants for manufacturing, clean energy, farming, biotech and other industries.

The 21 regional partners were chosen from 529 initial applicants who were vying for grants that were part of the American Rescue Plan.

This indicates that this massive pool of taxpayer dollars was never fully spent, and instead of giving that money back to Americans as a tax break, Biden is finding ways to make sure every single dollar is spent. (Related: Biden wants to continue pouring tens of billions of dollars down the Ukraine money pit while Americans suffer.)

Department of Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo claimed that most of the COVID-19 pandemic aid was meant to address immediate needs, and a certain amount of that money was set aside to provide grants for longer-term efforts to revitalize parts of the economy that need “an economic jolt.” The grant money will be used for existing industries and as capital for new ventures.


“The whole point of this is we’re not going to let you get left behind,” said Raimondo in an interview.

Biden sending millions in grants to battleground states ahead of midterms

Tens of millions of dollars in the $1 billion grant program are going to battleground states.

In Georgia, where incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock is defending his seat against popular former NFL player Herschel Walker and where at least one congressional seat is expected to flip, Biden is sending $65 million for the state’s artificial intelligence industry.

In New Hampshire, where Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan is fighting an uphill battle to defend her seat, the government has earmarked $44 million for regenerative medicine. In Pennsylvania, which has an open seat following the retirement of Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, Biden is sending $62.7 million for robotics and artificial intelligence.

Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Dakota, which are solidly Republican states, are also receiving tens of millions of dollars in grant money.

Raimondo claims the 21 regional partners set to receive the $1 billion in grant funding were chosen based on merit, not politics.

But during a campaign event held virtually with Pennsylvania Democrats, Biden asked them: “How is this going to play out on the political scene?” This proves that Biden is concerned that the way the grant money was distributed could be seen as bribery.

Rich Fitzgerald, a Democrat and the county executive for Allegheny County, a solidly blue county, answered Biden with a campaign-ready line.

“President Biden continues to invest in people and in jobs and in our future,” he claimed.

Biden is also asking Congress for more COVID-19 relief money. He is seeking $2 billion to purchase free at-home coronavirus tests and $22.5 billion supposedly to address and prevent further outbreaks.

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Watch this video from last year as Sen. Bill Hagerty correctly predicted that Joe Biden’s stimulus bill would slow the economy.

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