Chilean voters reject proposed new Constitution that would have legalized abortion

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Image: Chilean voters reject proposed new Constitution that would have legalized abortion

(Natural News) Chilean voters rejected a proposed new Constitution that would have enshrined in law a slew of left-wing demands, including the right to abortion. In the mandatory voting, a resounding 62 percent of Chileans rejected the draft.

Catholic traditionalist blog Rorate Caeli warned on Twitter that the proposed Constitution was the “most horrid expression of legal wokeness ever devised.”

The proposed Constitution would have legalized abortion, mandated universal government-run healthcare, promoted woke gender initiatives, granted rights to animals and the environment and would have given the citizens government-provided care from birth to death, including a right to housing, education, retirement benefits, internet, free legal advice, sanitation and more.

It would have mandated “gender parity” in “state bodies and public companies,” and would also have limited the mining of lithium and copper.

The now-rejected version was the first in the world to be written by a convention of an equally-split number of male and female delegates who were elected democratically. It would have replaced the nation’s 41-year-old charter.

“The text included commitments to fight climate change and protect Chileans’ right to choose their own identity ‘in all its dimensions and manifestations, including sexual characteristics, gender identities and expressions,'” reported the New York Times.

The proposed Constitution would have also eliminated the country’s Senate, something that many of the far-left wingers wanted to happen in the U.S. as well. However, with 96 percent of the votes counted, an overwhelming majority of Chileans rejected the attempt to transform their Constitution into a radical leftist social experiment. (Related: Now the baby butchers are attacking parental rights.)


Major setback for Chile’s new president

Chile’s rejection of the new Constitution is a major setback for President Gabriel Boric, a far-left politician whose ruling coalition includes members of Chile’s Communist Party. At 36, Boric is Chile’s youngest president.

The rejection of the more progressive charter was broadly expected in the country of 19 million as pre-election polling showed citizens becoming more wary. Still, analysts were surprised at the large margin of rejection.

Those who approved the proposed Constitution conceded defeat, with its spokesman Vlado Mirosevic saying that they recognize the result and are going to listen with humility to what the Chilean people have expressed in their votes.

Carlos Salinas, a spokesman for the Citizens’ House for Rejection, said that they were consolidating a great majority of Chileans who saw rejection as a “path of hope.”

“We want to tell the government of President Gabriel Boric that today you must be the president of all Chileans and together we must move forward,” he said.

It remains uncertain as to what will happen next.

Chilean society at large and the country’s political leaders have agreed that their Constitution must change. However, the process that will be chosen to write up a new proposal still has to be determined and will likely be subjected to negotiations among the political leadership. Boric is expected to meet with the heads of all political parties later in the week to determine their next steps forward.

Once seen as a paragon of stability in Latin America, the region exploded in student-led street protests in 2019, with the unrest sparked by a hike in public transportation prices. It quickly expanded into broader demands for greater equality and more social protections. (Related: Left-wing coastal states led by California forming “abortion alliance” to protect “right” to murder the unborn.)

In 2020, just under 80 percent of Chileans voted in favor of changing the country’s Constitution, and they elected delegates to a constitutional convention in 2021.

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