Russian gas no longer flowing to France – energy rationing for the rest of Europe soon on the way

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Image: Russian gas no longer flowing to France – energy rationing for the rest of Europe soon on the way

(Natural News) Effective immediately, Russian state gas company Gazprom is massively reducing natural gas flows to France, a move that French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne warns will probably lead to fuel rationing this winter.

French energy giant Engie, which handles gas deliveries from Gazprom, issued an urgent announcement about how the flow stoppage hinges upon a “disagreement between the parties on the application of contracts.” (Related: Germany is similarly doomed this winter without Russian gas.)

Cutting usage might not be enough, French authorities say, to keep the power on this winter. There could, and likely will, come a time when the government will need to step in and ration scarce supplies.

“Engie had already secured the volumes necessary to ensure the supply of its customers and for its own needs, and implemented a series of measures to significantly reduce the direct financial and physical impacts that could result from interruption of gas deliveries by Gazprom,” the company claims.

French leaders warn country that its First World status is coming to an end

If this is true, then why are French authorities in a panic about what the future holds for France’s energy reserves? President Emmanuel Macron, for example, made an ominous declaration that the “end of abundance” has arrived for France.

The French people, Macron added, will need to “agree to pay the price” for what he dubbed “our freedom and our values” by decreasing their living standards to stick it to Russia.


Borne said similar things to French business leaders, whom she begged during a recent conference to do everything possible to reduce their companies’ energy usage to avoid a potential rationing situation.

“If we act collectively, we can overcome the risk of shortages,” she proclaimed using communist rhetoric. “But if each one of us fails to do our part, or if all negative outlooks come to fruition at once, we will have to impose a decrease in consumption.”

“If we end up with rationing, companies will be the first hit and unfortunately we need to be prepared for it,” Borne continued, further requesting that French companies hire an “energy sobriety ambassador” to help ease the transition to a much lower standard of living.

What Macron and Borne are basically saying is that France is about to go down a few notches from First World status to Third World status, and that residents need to prepare for what is soon to come and already in motion.

As usual, they cite “climate change” and the Russian war in Ukraine as the excuse for cutting off cheap and abundant energy, claiming that there is no other way to be “free” and uphold French “values.”

The United States is not far behind, just to be clear. While it might feel like we are in a reprieve from all the energy madness – i.e., the recent and sudden drop in gas prices, which is only temporary – do not be fooled: America’s First World status is on the chopping block, too.

“The USA will end up like Sri Lanka is now: broke, without basic resources like electricity, natural gas, gasoline, food, water and also rioting in the streets, and the economic crisis will begin soon,” wrote a commenter at Breitbart News.

“Sri Lanka and EU showed us what really happens when the government imposes a ‘green solution.'”

Another pointed out that ideas such as an “energy sobriety ambassador” are laughable, illustrating the idiocrasy that has all but completely taken over the West.

“You’ve got to laugh at these ‘green’ acolytes who would rather have their populace freeze in the winter, rather than give up their ‘climate change’ religion that benefits the elites and their kind,” this person wrote.

“Their deaths will be on their heads for this ridiculous stance on energy consumption.”

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