Planned Parenthood banking on $50M budget to rally pro-abortion voters

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Image: Planned Parenthood banking on $50M budget to rally pro-abortion voters

(Natural News) Abortion organization Planned Parenthood (PP) is banking on a $50 million budget in a bid to rally pro-infanticide voters before the November 2022 midterm elections.

In an Aug. 17 press release, the group announced its massive spending plan for the midterm polls. Under the “Take Control” plan, PP will use its resources to back pro-choice candidates. According to the press release, the money “will be strategically used to elect abortion rights champions across the country who are critical to protecting abortion access in a post-[Roe v. Wade] world.

PP will initially focus on buying advertisements in nine states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. It said it expects to reach approximately six million people through digital advertising, television ads, phone banking and more. PP will target both pro-life states and those whose leaders seek to expand abortion rights, Fox News reported. (Related: Planned Parenthood donating $38 MILLION to 2020 Democrat candidates.)

“This is an election about power and control,” wrote Planned Parenthood Votes Executive Director Jenny Lawson. “The Supreme Court and anti-abortion rights politicians have stripped people of their constitutional right to abortion and the ability to make personal health care decisions.”

“Should these out-of-touch politicians gain or stay in power, they will continue doing everything they can to ban all abortion, throw health care providers and pregnant people in jail, and endanger the health and lives of pregnant people across the country. This is not what the American people want.”


In response, a spokesperson for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America (SBA) sent an exclusive statement to Fox News.

“The abortion lobby’s plan to spend millions to elect Democrats who back abortion on demand until birth shows just how desperate they are to preserve their lucrative business of killing unborn children and exploiting their mothers,” they said.

“This onslaught of spending underscores the importance of pro-life candidates going on offense to expose their opponents’ abortion extremism. Pro-life Republican candidates must be prepared to explain what they stand for and define their opponents’ position. The SBA ground team will be backing pro-life candidates up in battleground states where we have already visited more than 2.5 million homes to reach voters ahead of election day.”

With other pressing concerns on the ballot, will PP’s strategy work?

In a piece for LifeSiteNews, writer and commentator Calvin Freiburg pointed out that while the Democrats do not have the wind on their side, “the abortion lobby is betting their checkbooks on pro-choice rage at the loss of Roe v. Wade being enough to reverse their fortunes.”

Polls conducted by Pew Research and Kaiser Health News reflected that majority of voters consider abortion as a key issue when they vote in November. However, the same surveys reflected that other concerns – the economy, higher prices for fuel and food, more expensive health care, crime and gun violence –  as more pressing.

“That’s one of the perennial disadvantages of the Left: It’s much harder to cast a vote to signal one’s wokeness when that vote will also perpetuate direct, ongoing harm to one’s daily life,” Freiburg wrote. “Pro-lifers, by contrast, can advance their moral values and their fiscal interests with the same vote.”

The commentator also pointed out that “pro-abortion fear-mongering” pushed by PP falls short; “eventually, reality fails to live up to the hype.”

He noted: “The more people notice that these laws aren’t resulting in an epidemic of dying mothers, prosecuted women or investigations for miscarriage, the less seriously they’ll take the hysterics.”

Ultimately, Freiburg presented a glimmer of hope for the pro-life crows.

“With [the] same polls that indicate heightened pro-abortion passion also showing voters continuing to prioritize the issues that affect them most directly, there’s no reason for pro-lifers to feel discouraged.”

“As long as we spread the truth as clearly, as visibly and as often as possible, it won’t matter how much money the abortion lobby pumps into spreading fear.”

Watch this ad featuring MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell tearing down a Planned Parenthood sign.

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