Taliban’s inclusivity promises prove empty as group operates repressive regime

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Image: Taliban’s inclusivity promises prove empty as group operates repressive regime

(Natural News) When the Taliban jihadist organization returned to power in Afghanistan a year ago, it promised that the new and improved regime will be inclusive.

Taliban representatives who then went on to powerful offices in what is now the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” could not stop using the word. They even promised that their diplomatic stances on the world stage would reflect inclusivity.

The Taliban Sunni terrorist organization took over Afghanistan entirely on August 15, 2021, after President Joe Biden violated an agreement between Washington and the group that would have seen American troops leave the country earlier in the year, moving the departure from May 1, 2021 to September of the same year.

Biden later on shortened the deadline in August when it became clear that the government of then-President Ashraf Ghani would not hold on to power beyond the said month. Ghani fled the capital on August 15.

A year after he fled, Ghani explained why he did so. “The reason I left was because I did not want to give the Taliban and their supporters the pleasure of yet again humiliating an Afghan president,” Ghani said. He previously said that if he stayed, more Afghans would die.

Taliban rule is anything but inclusive

One year later, the Taliban jihadists have proven that their rule is anything but inclusive.

In practice, Taliban terrorists have mostly outlawed journalism, prevented women and girls from getting an education, harbored high-profile al-Qaeda leaders and aligned themselves with brutal, repressive states like China and Russia. (Related: Countries in Central Asia and Europe are worried Afghanistan chaos will spread.)


Their Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, which replaced the former Afghan Women’s Ministry, regularly threatens and micromanages civilians by using checkpoints to inspect people and berate them if they do not maintain sufficient Islamic beards or if they associate with women who do now wear their burqas.

They just continued the regime that controlled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, ending with the September 11 attacks. It is not, in any meaningful way, an “inclusive” break from the said tradition, and certainly not what the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid promised reporters when he held his first official press conference two days after the Taliban took over the country last year.

“Our countrymen and women who have been waiting, I would like to assure that after consultations that are going to be completed very soon, we will be witnessing the formation of a strong Islamic and inclusive government, Inshallah,” he said back then.

“We will do our most to make sure that everybody is included in the country, even those people against us in the past, so we are going to wait until those announcements are made.”

He also insisted: “Nobody should be left out, or anybody with interests to serve the nation … So the future government will be inclusive.” (Related: Biden knew all along the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was imminent.)

Current Taliban United Nations representative Suhail Shaheen claimed that the group wanted an inclusive government because it will guarantee stability in the country back in 2019. But it is clear now that inclusivity is not really something the group wanted to employ.

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Watch the video below about Biden’s State Department abandoning thousands to Taliban slaughter.

This video is from the High Hopes channel on Brighteon.com.

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