Yale is grooming children as young as THREE – promoting puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, gender reassignment

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Image: Yale is grooming children as young as THREE – promoting puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, gender reassignment

(Natural News) One of the most prestigious universities in the United States is targeting children for gender reassignment, offering them puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and “counseling sessions” that affirm the destruction of their true identity and anatomy. Yale just released a promotional video for their Pediatric Gender Program. Co-founder Christy Olezeski, PhD admits that Yale Medicine is taking kids as young as 3-years-old on their “gender journey” and exposing them to “medical interventions” to change their gender.

As a “clinical psychologist,” Christy Olezeski says she is the director of an “interdisciplinary program” that “works with individuals who are gender-diverse.” She says she loves working with “gender-expansive individuals 3 to 25 [years of age] and their families.” This is institutional child abuse, and its being carried out deceptively under the banner of love, tolerance and inclusiveness.

Yale institutionalizes child abuse

These counselors (sex predators) are going after vulnerable minors, messing with their heads and distorting their perception of reality. These Yale psychologists are going after teenagers, middle-aged children, young kids and even toddlers to affirm something that is biologically untrue. The mental and spiritual repercussions may last a lifetime.

The program explains that “some youth are exploring their identity.” While this has always been the case with youth, there is nothing virtuous about leading the youth to further confusion, further hormonal imbalance, self-destructive surgeries, and eventually self-hatred and regret. Yale’s Pediatric Gender Program is designed to do just that – encouraging the youth to go with “how they feel inside” if it “does not match up with the gender they were assigned at birth.” This is called “gender affirming care” and it is how the program “listens to youth” and “answers their questions.” It’s not right. It’s leading many youth astray.


The program starts with an “initial consultation” which includes a “readiness assessment.” The consultation takes anywhere from six to eight hours. “Mental health support” is offered, but it’s typically used as a form of coercion to complete a child’s transition. After the consultation, the child is connected with other gender-transitioning patients and resources to affirm the change.

“After the evaluation and when all agree that it is safe, healthy and appropriate, we offer a variety of medical treatments related to gender affirmation,” the program page explains. The goal is to use puberty-blocking drugs and cross hormones to ultimately lead the youth to a gender-affirming surgery after they turn 18 years old. It’ a sick and twisted medical experiment that preys on vulnerable youth who need REAL LOVE and REAL GUIDANCE.

Yale perverts mental health counseling, preys on vulnerable children to advance unethical experimentation

“First and foremost, we make sure we understand our patients’ needs and desires,” the program states. A child does not need cross sex hormones and puberty blockers that deconstruct their innate physiology. A child definitely doesn’t need some perverted counselor brainwashing them with transgender activism, transgender vocabulary, and made-up terms that distort their identity further. If the child has desires that conflict with their natural development, then they should be given healthy guidance, not be led astray into a world of further mental and emotional turmoil.

The Yale Pediatric Gender Program feeds the insanity further by claiming that children are a “suicide risk” if they are not transitioned in accordance with their feelings and desires. The Program pretends that psychologists and parents are saving the children from suicide when they affirm their newfound gender, confirm their new pronouns, and accept their preferred gender identity. The entire program is a departure from medical ethics and constructive mental health counseling and is a foray into mass child abuse. Who will speak up at Yale and demand an end to this perversion?

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