When a cop shoots someone, Democrats blame the cop, but when criminals shoot innocent people, it’s the GUN’S FAULT

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Image: When a cop shoots someone, Democrats blame the cop, but when criminals shoot innocent people, it’s the GUN’S FAULT

(Natural News) When a drunk driver kills people with their vehicle, do you blame the driver or the automobile? It wouldn’t make sense to blame the vehicle when it’s the driver who lost control and is responsible for their own actions and decisions. It would seem senseless to ban the type of vehicle driven if it was bigger, or faster, and could kill more people in a crash, just as it is senseless to ban weapons after mass shootings that have more bullets or shoot faster.

Yet, when it’s convenient for gun control and gun confiscation attempts for the Democrats in Washington DC, they always blame the type of gun, or if a police officer is involved with shooting a criminal with dark skin, they blame the cop (part of the ‘white supremacy’ narrative). When a cop shoots someone, Democrats blame the cop, but when criminals shoot innocent people, it’s the GUN’S FAULT, even when the criminal is proven to be a criminal, with a rap sheet, and taking dangerous drugs.

When vaccines injure and kill people, nobody blames the doctor or the vaccines

If we’re going to place the blame on the “weapon” instead of the weapon wielder, then we should be consistent and blame vaccine injuries and deaths on the vaccines. Here we are talking about genocide, not just some domestic violence or occasional mass shootings. Vaccines are weapons of mass destruction on a biological warfare scale, yet nobody in mainstream media ever blames the real culprit of most disease, disorder and pandemics – and that’s the vaccines themselves.


It’s actually, and usually, not even the gun wielder’s “fault” when most mass shootings occur, as we nearly always find out the shooter was taking psychotropic (anti-psychotic or anti-depression) prescription SSRI drugs, that alter brain chemistry and exacerbate feelings of hopelessness, suicide and homicide. It’s a dark, downward spiral and aggressive young males are prime candidates, ripe for the prescribing.

Now, cops are often put in quite hazardous situations, where suspected criminals (or known criminals) are wielding a weapon, or look like they are, and won’t cooperate with police who are trying to do their job, even ethically and responsibly.

Some criminals literally attack police, try to take their weapon, and this is a life-threatening situation. Yet, somehow, the Democrat politicians still blame the cop if he/she shoots the criminal, especially if the alleged criminal is black, and the cop is white.

And who ever gives credit, besides independent media, to legal carry gun owners who STOP mass shootings by killing the would-be-killer with a gun? Who’s the hero, the gun owner or the gun itself? Maybe the government should be promoting gun ownership instead, right?

Democrats love to blame the cop or the gun for shooting deaths, but never the doctors or vaccines for vaccine-induced injuries and deaths

Doctors and nurses use weapons to injure patients. They are carcinogen-loaded chemical weapons that cause permanent injury and sometimes death. Possibly worse than the fentanyl “rap sheet,” vaccines are responsible for millions of people losing physical and mental capacities and functionalities, sometimes for their whole lives.

What if someone got shot with a weapon and got autism? What if someone got “shot” with a “shot” and got an autoimmune disorder for life? What if someone got a polio “shot” and became crippled for life from it? What if white supremacists, like Bill Gates, used chemical weapons (vaccines) to cause Black women to become infertile, experience spontaneous abortions, and have babies born with birth defects? Is that a crime worse than a mass shooting at a school, or a white cop shooting some ‘innocent’ Black guy who’s resisting arrest? Regardless, people are dying and nobody is blaming the real culprits of mass deaths.

Let’s take a close look at banning/recalling all these violent-act-inducing SSRI pharmaceuticals and toxic vaccines, and maybe we can prevent most of these mass killings. Tune your constitutional frequency to Censored.news for truth news about mass shootings and gun ownership rights that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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