Biden adviser exposed as pharmaceutical industry hack who loves mass murderer Mao Zedong

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Image: Biden adviser exposed as pharmaceutical industry hack who loves mass murderer Mao Zedong

(Natural News) The chief strategist for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign was just outed as a former employee at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer who has an obsession with the late mass-murdering communist Chinese dictator Mao Zedong.

Anita Dunn, we now know thanks to an ethics disclosure, used to be a “consultant” at Pfizer before joining ranks with Biden and his merry band of criminals to steal the White House. And the fact that this is only just now coming to light is astounding.

“Anita Dunn, the chief strategist of Biden’s presidential campaign and his close WH advisor for much of his first 6 months in office … finally, in Aug 2022, released an ethics disclosure,” tweeted journalist Lee Fang, who writes for The Intercept.

“She secretly worked for Pfizer before joining the admin,” he added. (Related: Biden food security pick exposed as communist Chinese sympathizer who pushes CCP propaganda.)

Last year, Fang wrote about Dunn’s lack of disclosure while advising Biden about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” testing, intellectual patent issues for drugs, and other plandemic-related matters. Now we know why she failed to publish an ethics disclosure until now.

“I floated the possibility that she worked for Pfizer, given her consulting firm,” Fang says. “Its [sic] now confirmed.”

Dunn lied about her post-campaign endeavors, claiming she would return to consulting rather than join the White House

Dunn has a lengthy history of dodging ethics disclosures because she is apparently embroiled in all kinds of shady behavior, including a deeply unsettling revolving-door past before teaming up with Biden & Co.


“She initially claimed that after the campaign she would return to her consulting firm – but she ended up with a key role in the White House,” reported one independent media outlet.

“She continued to stay on as an adviser while using temporary status as a way to skirt the traditional ethics disclosures.”

Fang, writing for The Intercept, broke this all down further, revealing that Dunn took on one of the most coveted positions in the White House after stating that she would leave politics following the campaign and return to private sector consulting.

“The temporary status allows Dunn to skirt traditional ethics disclosures, which require government officials to make public previous consulting clients, investments, debts, and other potential conflicts of interest,” Fang explained.

“Instead, she was hired into a special, temporary role that keeps her disclosure – and, therefore, her client list at SKDK and any conflicts of interest – out of the public eye.”

While on the campaign trail, Dunn decided that a winning strategy for Biden would be to openly promote the late communist Chinese dictator Mao Zedong, who is believed to have murdered somewhere between 40 to 80 million people through starvation, persecution, prison labor and mass executions.

Every time it seems that the corruption of the Biden regime has reached its height, another new revelation surfaces to support the widely held belief that the current White House occupation is the most corrupt in history.

“The news media reported after the inauguration that it appeared corporate interests had taken control of the Biden administration,” wrote a commenter at an independent media source. “This is just one more indication.”

“It’s not called corporatism for nothing,” responded another. “Ron Paul showed me that way back when. That and the Federal Reserve.”

“The Biden Crime Family is more corrupt than the Clinton Crime Cartel; the only thing missing is that messy trail of Arkancide victims,” added another to the conversation. “And it is fitting that a Maoist is now advising Cho Bai Dung (Joe Biden).”

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