Sex offender counselor says ‘pedophile’ is a ‘judgmental insult’ that harms minor attracted persons

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Image: Sex offender counselor says ‘pedophile’ is a ‘judgmental insult’ that harms minor attracted persons

(Natural News) A Pennsylvania Department of Corrections counselor who works with sex offenders has stoked controversy after defending “minor attracted persons” and complaining that the term “pedophile” is a “judgmental, hurtful insult.

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In a video posted to YouTube that has since been clipped and gone viral on Twitter, Miranda Galbreath says pedophiles are “probably the most vilified population of folks in our culture.”

The term pedophile has moved from being a diagnostic label to being a judgmental, hurtful insult that we hurl at people in order to harm them or slander them,” Galbreath insisted.

“I also like to use person-first language that recognizes that any label we apply to a person is only part of who they are and doesn’t represent everything that they are,” she added.

Asserting that “many minor-attracted persons never act on their attraction,” Galbreath complained that saying mean things about would-be child molesters is harmful to an “already marginalized population.”

Summit report: Galbreath sought to remove agency from pedophiles, suggesting that their sickness isn’t their own fault and that their sexual perversions should be accepted on the same level as heterosexuality or homosexuality.

[Minor-attracted person] simply means that the person has an enduring sexual or romantic attraction to minors. They have not chosen this attraction, just as the rest of us have not chosen whatever our attraction is,” Galbreath said.

You don’t get to choose to be heterosexual or to be gay or whatever you are, and you don’t get to choose to be a minor-attracted person,” she added.

According to Galbreath’s website, she has 20 years of experience working in the mental health field and also conducts “evaluation and treatment services in the community and within state prisons to folks who have committed sexual offenses,” including for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.The video clip is yet another illustration of the end game of sexual progressivism – the absorption of pedophilia under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.


The exposure of children to this movement is clearly part of a long term plan by perverts and groomers to force society to accept their deranged behavior as normal.

The direction of travel suggests that in the near future, pedophilia will be judged as merely another sexual preference to be tolerated and even promoted by culture and society.

Critics will likely be branded ‘pedophobes’ and face condemnation, deplatforming and ritual public shaming.

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