Facebook’s “fact checking” groups are almost all government-funded psy-op entities tied to the CIA and other shadowy organizations

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Image: Facebook’s “fact checking” groups are almost all government-funded psy-op entities tied to the CIA and other shadowy organizations

(Natural News) While it might seem like Facebook and other social media platforms that censor content and steer the narrative through “fact checking” are simply tools of the left-wing political machine, the reality is that the hidden hand of power that controls both major political parties in this country is their true owner.

Alan MacLeod unpacked this in a new article for Mintpress News that identifies the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as the entity behind Facebook fact checking, particularly as it pertains to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Most of the fact-checking organizations Facebook has partnered with to monitor and regulate information about Ukraine are directly funded by the U.S. government, either through the U.S. Embassy or via the notorious National Endowment for Democracy (NED),” he wrote.

The same CIA that controls Facebook today through such means has been doing this kind of thing for decades – though it used to be much more covert. The CIA used to quietly circulate propaganda in targeted nations, as well as secretly fund foreign uprisings, including the 2014 coup in Ukraine that set in motion what we are now seeing happen there today.

Today, all the CIA has to do is control the social media environment with an iron fist in order to accomplish its goals. Facebook alone boasts three billion active users, which is about one-third of the total global population. (Related: It has been known for at least a decade that Big Tech is a massive government spying operation posing as private sector innovation.

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is a CIA honeypot that polices information

MacLeod has been on a roll lately outing Big Tech as the government psychological operation that it really is. He continues to highlight the direct ties between Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., that most Americans are woefully ignorant about as they scroll through their profile “newsfeeds.”


Last month, MacLeod released a report about how Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has been hiring many CIA veterans and other U.S. intelligence cartel participants to police the information that makes it through the censors on its platforms, another of which is Instagram.

“Meta’s ‘senior product policy manager for misinformation’ was hired straight out of the Central Intelligence Agency in 2019 and now helps Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp sort out information from misinformation,” reported the Strategic Culture Foundation (SCF).

Google is another tech giant that is hiring CIA veterans to determine which search results are “true” and thus allowed, and which are “false” and thus have to be removed to maintain the narrative.

“Google is easily the single most influential corporation on the planet when it comes to public access to information,” SCF said about the scope of these government operations.

Then we have Twitter, which has been actively hiring Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents to “work in the fields of security, trust, safety and content,” according to MacLeod.

Even TikTok is now infested with government agents, including several former North Atlantic Treaty Organization employees. Why on earth would TikTok need such people in its ranks if not to control what gets posted there and possibly even punish users who engage in “wrongspeak?”

“Silicon Valley is at least as fundamental a component of U.S. imperial narrative control as the legacy media and Hollywood, and is becoming even more so,” SCF warned. “Together they comprise the empire’s narrative control apparatus, which is just as essential to the functioning of the empire as its military or economic might.”

“Silicon Valley is filled with spooks and liars for the same reason the mainstream news media support every U.S. war and continually normalize the freakish injustices of our society: because whoever controls the narrative controls the world.”

The latest news about Big Tech spying and surveillance can be found at Technocrats.news.

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