Amnesty International refuses to apologize to Western leaders for report revealing human rights abuses by Ukrainian forces

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Image: Amnesty International refuses to apologize to Western leaders for report revealing human rights abuses by Ukrainian forces

(Natural News) Amnesty International, the human rights organization globalists love to tout as the gold standard for such groups, is refusing to apologize to Western leaders for telling the truth about the fact that the Ukrainian military, like Russia’s troops, is also committing abuses.

According to a report recently released by the organization, investigators “found evidence of Ukrainian forces launching strikes from within populated residential areas, as well as basing themselves in civilian buildings in 19 towns and villages” in three war-torn parts of the country from April through July.

The report also noted that the Ukrainian military utilized hospitals, schools and private residences in order to escape Russian forces though what the ‘human shield’ tactic really did was invite more casualties as Russian troops continued to attack Ukrainian forces wherever they could be found.

“Such tactics violate international humanitarian law and endanger civilians, as they turn civilian objects into military targets. The ensuing Russian strikes in populated areas have killed civilians and destroyed civilian infrastructure,” the report said, adding that the results of this were Russian attacks on said civilian infrastructure, Zero Hedge reported, adding:

The report detailed further that in 22 of 29 schools visited by an Amnesty team between April and July, investigators found evidence of prior military activity. Additionally, five instances of Ukrainian troops using hospitals as bases were documented. The report went so far as to stress Amnesty was “not aware” of instances where Ukrainian troops first tried to evacuate civilians from these locations.


“Not every Russian attack documented by Amnesty has followed this pattern. In certain locations in which Amnesty concluded that Russia had committed war crimes – including in some areas of the city of Kharkiv – Amnesty did not find evidence of Ukrainian forces located in civilian areas unlawfully targeted by the Russian military,” the report noted.

These truths have upset Western globalists.

“This report by @amnesty International is such a disgrace. It only amplifies the narratives of the Russian #propaganda targeted against #Ukraine. With this one, AI has hit the bottom,” tweeted the spokesman for the Polish Minister-Coordinator of Special Services, Stanislaw Zaryn.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba was also very quick to rip the AI report: “I understand that Amnesty will respond to criticism by saying that they criticize both sides of the conflict. But such behavior on Amnesty’s part is not about looking for the truth and presenting it to the world, but about creating a false balance between the criminal and his victim.”

Other commentators claimed that the organization was engaged in “victim-blaming” — which is true, to an extent, but also very accurate, given the findings listed in the report.

“Amnesty International blames Ukrainian defenders for protecting civilians from attacks by Russian invaders. ‘Blame the victim’ false equivalency reflects the moral void at the heart of @amnesty. It’s a disgrace to people of conscience who value the protection of human rights,” one of them noted on Twitter.

Secretary General of Amnesty International Agnès Callamard said that her organization was under extreme pressure not to point any fingers at Kyiv, but she noted nevertheless: “Being in a defensive position does not exempt the Ukrainian military from respecting international humanitarian law.”

And her organization is not backing down one iota from its report.

Initially, AI told the media that it “deeply regrets the distress and anger that our press release on the Ukrainian military’s fighting tactics has caused.”

But, Amnesty went on to emphasize that the organization’s “sole objective” in publishing the report was to ensure that “civilians are protected.”

The group made it clear that it “fully stand[s] by our findings” — so in other words, ‘sorry, not sorry.’

Russia invaded Ukraine, that much is known. But the Russian troops are certainly not the only ones who have committed atrocities regarding civilians, as AI accurately pointed out.

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