Biden admin set to decimate US military: New Pentagon report estimates massive number of troops could be dismissed for not receiving COVID-19 vaccine

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Image: Biden admin set to decimate US military: New Pentagon report estimates massive number of troops could be dismissed for not receiving COVID-19 vaccine

(Natural News) Not satisfied with merely destroying the U.S. economy and American families’ ability to earn a living, Joe Biden’s Obama handlers are now going after the U.S. military as well.

According to Russia Today (RT), the Pentagon’s website shows 268,858 “partially vaccinated” individuals across the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force, plus another 50,710 civilian employees.

That said, the figure does not include the number of service members who have yet to get even one jab, which means that the overall number of military personnel who could be negatively impacted by the Biden regime’s vaccine mandates is no doubt significantly higher.

Unvaccinated personnel who have made requests for medical and religious exemptions are currently exempt from the requirement, but that is just a court decision away from changing. Besides, according to Marine reservist Mike Berry, exemptions for religious beliefs have only been granted so far for personnel who are on their way out of the military and won’t be available to be deployed anyway.

“Some 6,400 servicemembers have already been kicked out for refusing to get the shot, with the majority being Marines, according to statistics cited by Breitbart. That’s despite the fact that a court injunction has barred the Navy from discharging any sailor seeking a religious exemption. While political pushback has stopped the Pentagon from labeling the departed with a dishonorable discharge, even a ‘general’ discharge can mean a loss of benefits and a black mark on a soldier’s disciplinary record,” the RT report added.


“The Army began stepping up administrative proceedings against the partially- and un-vaccinated last week, explaining the noncompliant would no longer receive pay as of July or be allowed to participate in ‘federally funded drills and training.’ A statement by the military branch warns those who refuse the mandatory vaccination order ‘may be subject to additional adverse administrative action, including separation.'”

The Pentagon-imposed deadline for U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard troops to get their vaccines came and went last week. Overall, some 12 percent of reservists, or about 22,740 members, have not yet been fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, around 13.1 percent of Army National Guard troops, or about 44,000, also have not been vaccinated, a military spokesperson told the Army Times.

When asked about the Pentagon potentially having to discharge tens of thousands of soldiers who aren’t vaccinated, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Army Gen. Mark Milley said that “the numbers are very low, by the way, of those that are refusing to be vaccinated.” He also claimed that soldiers should stop complaining and simply take the vaccine, regardless of any other concerns.

This is from a general and military branch that makes uniform and other exemptions for soldiers and officers of various other religions not of the Christian faith.

“However, a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association confirmed servicemembers are suffering serious side effects from the vaccines, including myocarditis,” RT reported.

At the same time, there has been some relief for troops who are resisting the vaccine.

U.S. District Judge Matthew McFarland, a Trump appointee, ordered the Air Force to pause discharging members who requested religious exemptions from the service’s vaccine requirement, according to Fox News. The current pause is set for 14 days.

The initial lawsuit was launched by just 100 plaintiffs at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, but the ruling now applies to thousands of Air Force personnel around the world.

“We are pleased by the judge’s decision protecting the constitutional rights of service members who have dedicated their lives to protecting our constitutional rights,” attorney Chris Wiest told local outlet FOX19. “We will continue to litigate this case to its conclusion and look forward to continuing this battle with the federal government.”

Thank goodness for Trump’s commitment to putting constitutionalists on the federal bench. Otherwise, our national security would be completely compromised by vaccine lunacy.

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