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Image: Merritt Medical Hour with Dr. Lee Merritt: Trump created continuity programs to ensure preservation of government structures – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Jon Herold, popularly known as Patel Patriot, discussed the devolution theory and Donald Trump’s presidency during the July 27 episode of “Merritt Medical Hour” with Dr. Lee Merritt on Brighteon.TV.

Our government has all these contingency plans in place if – worst case scenario – something were to happen, how we continue on with our government,” Patel Patriot said. “And so the whole theory of devolution is centered on plenty of circumstantial evidence, such as the Department of Defense moves, and weird things such as Trump issuing executive orders.”

Among them is Executive Order (EO) 13961, which is called “A Governance and Integration of Federal Mission Resiliency.” Penned in December 2020, this executive order states that the United States is to maintain “comprehensive and effective continuity programs that ensure national security and the preservation of government structures under the United States Constitution.” It also goes into detail about how to do such a thing.

But there’s a point in time when Patel Patriot thought Trump has given up.

“I was very confident going into November 3 [2020 presidential election], that Trump was going to win. And it was obvious there is fraud. Fast forward to the 20th [Biden inauguration on January 20, 2021], I thought leading up to that Trump was going to make some sort of a move, [but] nothing happened,” Patel Patriot said in a separate interview with the Health Ranger Mike Adams earlier this year. (Related: Democrats are lying: Vote fraud IS real and it’s been occurring in THEIR cities for years, says an operative who ran ballot fraud operations for Dems.)


“He walked away. I mean, I was pretty devastated. You know, I was convinced he would win and stop Biden from taking office. After taking a couple months away from anything, I started to feel motivated to kind of figure out what happened. It was against Trump’s character for him to walk away. There had been something more going on behind the scenes.”

Trump isn’t giving up the fight

EO 13961 made him realize that his assessment of Trump’s character is spot on.

“When you look and you find something like that, and then you look at all these other moves that Trump made, it clearly points to the kind of behind the scenes. And nobody’s really noticed unless you actually realized it, but we’ve done it in a form of irregular warfare for a long time,” Patel Patriot said.

This is where devolution comes in.

Devolution is defined as the transfer of power from a central government to state or local authorities. “These are the ones running devolution and the continuity of government operation. Their focus is to maintain what is called our national essential functions,” noted Patel Patriot.

Patel Patriot said only a handful of people in the military know the full scope of what’s going on. “But they will not be filled in on what’s going on until it reaches the point where the plan needs to be executed,” he said. “If Trump can turn this country around and get back in office somehow, without the military ever having to, like, actually step forward and intervene, that’d be the goal, right? Like states decertify and remove Biden.”

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Watch this episode of “Merritt Medical Hour” for the rest of the discussion between Dr. Lee Merritt and Patel Patriot.

“Merritt Medical Hour” with Dr. Lee Merritt airs every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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