GAY MATH: Leftist org pushing to include gender theory in K-12 math classes

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Image: GAY MATH: Leftist org pushing to include gender theory in K-12 math classes

(Natural News) A left-leaning educational consultancy is pushing for the inclusion of gender theory in K-12 math classes.

Breitbart named The Queer Mathematics Teacher (TQMT) as the organization responsible for this endeavor. Brandie Waid, the group’s director, elaborated on a plan for incorporating gender theory into math classes in a blog post. The independent math coach and “activist scholar” admitted that she associated the subject with “profound anxiety [that was] intricately tied to [her] fears of confronting [her] queer identity.”

Waid argued that there is something about mathematics that failed to instill a sense of belonging that draws LGBT students to and keeps them in the field. She then issued this challenge: “How can we cultivate mathematical spaces where [LGBT] students feel affirmed in their queer identity and thrive personally and mathematically?”

TQMT now seeks to address that issue with its promotion of “queer mathematics.” Some of the group’s areas of expertise include “Queer Pedagogy,” “Teaching Mathematics For Social Justice,” “Fostering Students’ Growth Mindset (While Advocating for Systemic Change)” and “Humanizing Mathematics Education for LGBTQ+ Students.”

It offers coaching services to teachers with a view to helping them with curriculum design, school district-wide audits and professional development workshops. It also sells a book titled “Talking about LGBTQ+ Identity” for educators.

“The ability to consider sexuality irrelevant in the mathematics context is a heteronormatively privileged position,” stated TQMT’s website.


Waid also criticized state legislatures who heed calls of concerned parents top push back against progressive ideology. She wrote that the recent attacks on critical race theory (CRT), social and emotional learning (SEL) and LGBT youth, “it is becoming more urgent to center thriving and humanness in everyday practice.” (Related: Texas, Florida governors accused of being anti-LGBT by mainstream media for pushing for age-appropriate materials in schools.)

The TQMT director even went as far as to suggest that activist educators teach CRT and gender theory – even if it means breaking the law.

“I implore my colleagues to ask: How can we work within (or outside) the confines of these laws to center transformative SEL and student thriving in our teaching?”

Waid suggests activities for queer math classes

Waid also put forward several activities for these queer mathematics classes. However, sharp eyes will notice that most of these activities have nothing to do with “mathematics” and lean more toward “queer.”

One activity, dubbed “An Intersectional Look at the Gender Pay Gap,” touches on the now-thoroughly debunked wage gap myth. It asks students questions such as what are the genders represented; what other genders are there; and what would be considered for other gender identities to add to people’s understanding of the issue.

The notes for the teacher’s portion of the activity suggested that students may need additional support in LGBT terminology.

Another lesson, called “Progress Pride Flag,” is intended for elementary school children. The activity centers on the aforementioned flag – a six-color LGBT flag with a triangle featuring the transgender movement’s colors on the left side. Educators are advised to ask students questions about its symbolism.

“Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation by Generation,” meanwhile, is aimed toward middle school students. Children are challenged to speculate as to why there were more people in younger generations to identify as members of the LGBT community.

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Watch Dr. Duke Pesta challenging Americans to rethink how children should be educated.

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