Faith and Freedom Coalition exec Timothy Head: Pro-abortion states will overplay their hand in expanding legality of abortion

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Image: Faith and Freedom Coalition exec Timothy Head: Pro-abortion states will overplay their hand in expanding legality of abortion

(Natural News) Timothy Head, the executive director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, has predicted that several pro-abortion states in America will overplay their hand in expanding the legality of abortion.

“A lot of more moderate Democrats really are going to be very uncomfortable with it,” Head told Jonathon Van Maren during a recent episode of “The Van Maren Show.” He noted that the popularization of ultrasounds – especially 3D ultrasounds – makes it very hard to argue that babies in their seventh, eighth or especially ninth month, are non-living beings.

He also predicted that roughly 30 states will adopt pro-life laws to varying degrees as the U.S. continues to navigate the Supreme Court’s overturn of the landmark case Roe v. Wade. Head emphasized the importance of pro-life states looking into educational, medical and housing programs that offer alternatives to abortion.

According to Head, money is one of the major factors that drive women to get have an abortion. (Related: Nolte: Pro-abortion Democrats riot in Democrat-run cities LOL.)

“And so we need to contemplate that if low income, low socioeconomic level women are having babies in these various states, we need to be able to have wraparound services available to both support those women and, certainly, to support those new babies,” he said.

A recent Pew Research survey found that 14 percent of Catholics and 18 percent of Protestants, including evangelicals, say that women who go through illegal abortions should face jail time.

While Head and his group support the federal ban, they focus more on the implications of the Dobbs ruling before planning their next steps. He also dismissed the idea of criminal penalties for women who have abortions.


“I’m not aware of any state right now where that even looks realistically possible,” Head said.

Head sees different approaches to post-Roe legislation

With his coalition active in about 24 states, Head said he expects to see different approaches to post-Roe legislation.

Some states are already banning abortion providers and Head expects many others to follow. He also expects to see legislation that would regulate clinics in states where abortion is still allowed.

In the post-Wade abortion landscape, Head’s group and others against abortion would support “abortion alternatives” that assist pregnant women and new mothers by supplying diapers and baby formula and organizing parenting classes.

He also expects to see more creative solutions, such as the civil enforcement process in Texas, where private citizens can sue abortion providers or anyone who “performs, aids or intends to aid an abortion.”

Head said such lawsuits could make it harder for abortion providers to get insurance and eventually put them out of business.

Moreover, he expects anti-abortionists to follow the playbook of environmental activists and become more active in shareholder meetings for companies that support abortion rights. (Related: Oklahoma lawmakers pass one of the nation’s toughest anti-abortion laws.)

He further stated that they will push for so-called long-arm statutes, which could allow states to prosecute out-of-state abortion providers who advertise across state lines.

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Watch the video below to know more states considering an abortion ban.

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