American breastfeeding group says doctors should start using the term “father’s milk” to be more “gender inclusive”

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Image: American breastfeeding group says doctors should start using the term “father’s milk” to be more “gender inclusive”

(Natural News) Referring to women’s chests as “breasts” and calling what they produce “mother’s milk” is no longer acceptable, according to the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM).

The group, whose name itself is now obsolete – it should be called the Academy of Chestfeeding Medicine based on the new politically correct rules – says that “traditional terms” such as “breast milk” make transgenders from the LGBT community feel excluded.

Instead, the group wants people to call it “human milk” or “parent’s milk,” or even “father’s milk” – because apparently men can produce chest milk, too. (Related: Real breastmilk from actual women fights cancer cells.)

A screenshot of ABM’s new guide that was shared by evolutionary biologist Colin Wright shows other trans-compliant language suggestions such as “gestational parent” instead of “mother” and “lactating person” as opposed to “nursing mother.”

“Breastfeeding” has also got to go in order to make way for chestfeeding, as does the word breast itself, which ABM wants to replace with the term “mammary gland.”

“This document was sent to me by a friend whose wife is a hospital nurse for new moms and their babies,” Wright told The Post Millennial.

“He said this new ‘inclusive terminology’ is being implemented at her hospital, and that nurses and other health professionals are being required to ask each patient what terms they wish to have used when discussing their care.”


Wright went on to explain that patients are more concerned with doctors and nurses focusing on “important things like medications and proper dosages instead of devoting mental real estate to memorizing lists of inane ‘inclusive’ terminology.”

The trans cult wants everyone to be referred to using machine or animal language

Last year, ABM issued a statement apologizing and pandering to the trans cult for not changing its language sooner.

“ABM recognizes that not all people who give birth and lactate identify as female, and that some individuals identify as neither female nor male,” the group said.

There was also a statement made about how “desexed” language can be used in “many settings” as opposed to traditional language, and that desexed language can be broadened and expanded as time goes on.

All references to male and female are now obsolete, we are told, and must be replaced with language that makes human anatomy sound like a machine or an animal.

In the past, Wright has been censored on Twitter for challenging these notions. At one point, Twitter punished him for tweeting a chart showing that men are biological stronger than women, even if they have undergone “gender reassignment” surgery and hormone procedures.

Wright is constantly calling out “sex pseudoscience” whenever it emerges from the likes of ABM, which like many other medical organizations these days has gone “woke” in support of LGBT madness.

“At first, this nonsense is for biological women, who declare themselves to be ‘men’ and take hormones to become more masculine, then cease treatment to become pregnant,” someone wrote at Infowars.

“Next, biological men will receive advanced hormone treatments to enable them, perhaps with transplantation surgery, to breastfeed.”

Another added that no matter how many times the trans cult tries to say that men can change into women and vice versa, it will never be true.

“Email the organization or call (847) 375-4726 and ask for Carol Pape, the director who made this decision,” wrote another about who is behind the new ABM guide.

“Just endlessly and relentlessly mock these frauds – online, over the phone, and in person,” said another about how everyday folks can challenge the trans insanity.

The latest news about the trans cult’s efforts to recreate all language can be found at

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