Pass the Salt: Man charged in Capitol protest tells Coach Dave Daubenmire that MSM and DC are lying about what transpired – Brighteon.TV

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Image: Pass the Salt: Man charged in Capitol protest tells Coach Dave Daubenmire that MSM and DC are lying about what transpired – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Shawn Witzemann has accused the mainstream media (MSM) and Washington, D.C. of lying about what happened in the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

He made the accusation during his July 18 appearance on Coach Dave Daubenmire’s “Pass the Salt” program on Brighteon.TV. He told the former football coach-turned-preacher that the MSM and Washington, D.C. tell a different story than what actually happened.

Witzemann told Daubenmire that he was in the federal capital to cover all the different protests supporting former President Donald Trump. Prior to his stint in D.C., he had been in Atlanta and Phoenix for the same purpose. The reporter and podcaster added that he was not even a “Trump supporter” in the first place, and he was simply at the Capitol for content.

“In all honesty with everything, I did not vote for Trump the first time. I was somewhat reluctant to vote for him the second time, but what I did see was a movement that coalesced around the idea that the election had been stolen.”

According to Witzemann, he had a “weird feeling” about Jan. 6 and even discussed with his family the prospect of not going to the Capitol that day. A year and seven months later, his story is not yet done as he is still in the middle of controversy.

Authorities arrested Witzemann in New Mexico back in April 2021. He subsequently backed out of his plea deal in relation to the Capitol riots after another defendant was acquitted of all charges, according to NBC News. Witzemann told the outlet in a message that while he wanted to resolve the case “more than anyone,” a plea agreement would have forced him to lie under oath.


“He didn’t want to plead guilty to begin with, but he was afraid to trust the judicial system in D.C.,” said Witzemann’s attorney Guy L. Womack. The lawyer added that seeing the magistrate “do the right thing” and clear the other defendant of all charges played a big role in his client’s decision.

Witzemann: Police brutality on display during J6 riot

“I was obviously – as someone who loves liberty – excited to see Americans exercising their First Amendment rights, and then to see how it just got twisted, how people were basically led to this place. And really, they wanted it to be a slaughter,” Witzemann said.

He told Daubenmire that he was watching the protest from the Capitol Building’s west side, and that he saw the confrontation between U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) and the protesters. (Related: Judicial Watch sues U.S. Capitol Police in pursuit of emails and videos pertaining to Jan. 6 riots.)

“It was a very, very peaceful protest. The only real violence that started it off was the police shooting these ammunition into the crowd, tear-gassing the crowd and hurting people.”

According to Witzemann, USCP officers were hoping to get a chance to beat some of the Trump supporters. He added that law enforcement lied about the time that the “insurgency” happened, changing the time by almost two hours so that they can create their own narrative – according to how they wanted to frame the event.

“There are guys right now who’ve been indefinitely detained in the D.C. gulag with a denial of their due process rights, and they haven’t seen their family in over a year and a half, because they’re not even allowed to see their family unless they take the jab. You know, so this is a problem. And this has to be dealt with,” Witzemann said.

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Watch the full July 18 episode of “Pass the Salt” with Shawn Witzemann below.

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