White House releases “bizarre” video of Biden speech, sparking concerns about his ability to function

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Image: White House releases “bizarre” video of Biden speech, sparking concerns about his ability to function

(Natural News) Footage of a pre-recorded speech delivered by President Joe Biden raised concerns about his ability to function as the chief executive. The July 25 speech posted by the White House was recorded for the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives Conference.

It has been described as “incredibly bizarre.”

Biden started off the 11-minute speech by speaking very slowly in a bland tone while struggling to keep his eyes open. However, the president suddenly changed at around eight and a half minutes in.

The video’s frame then shifted, zooming closer to Biden’s face. It also showed a different Biden – “bug-eyed, talking louder and hardly blinking,” according to Amber Crawford of 100 Percent Fed Up. “The video was sloppily spliced together, likely because he couldn’t get through the full speech without error,” she added. (Related: Mainstream media alters picture of Joe Biden to remove glaring evidence of cognitive decline.)

“At one point, Biden doesn’t blink for about a minute and a half. It could be that [he] is tired from being infected with COVID, [or] it could be that his handlers pumped him full of drugs to wake him up.”

“It’s not entirely clear what happened here, but the sudden shift in Biden’s demeanor is quite shocking.”

Several users took to Twitter to share their thoughts about Biden’s speech.

Former Campus Reform and Washington Examiner reporter Eduardo Neret pointed out that the Biden in the 11-minute speech may be a deepfake. He tweeted: “Never seen Biden’s eyes this wide open. He usually squints, [but] he doesn’t even blink here. What is he on?”


Newsmax host Greg Kelly, meanwhile, zeroed in on the president not blinking at all during his speech. “The normal human being blinks their eyes 15 to 20 times a minute. On the other hand, there’s [Biden],” he wrote.

Daily Wire founder and editor emeritus Ben Shapiro described Biden’s eyes in the speech as “lifeless” and “black” – “like a doll’s eyes.” Monica Crowley, former Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs at the Department of the Treasury, had a more concerned tone in her tweet: “I know he’s got COVID, but there’s something else going on here.”

Republicans call for cognitive test to assess Biden’s mental faculties

Given the latest gaffe, more members of Congress under the Republican Party have called for the incumbent president to take a cognitive test, so that all doubts about his mental faculties can be put to rest.

More than 50 GOP lawmakers wrote to Biden demanding that he take a cognitive test “immediately” in a letter, the third such correspondence. Similar letters were sent in June 2021 and February 2022, but the president did not respond to them – a fact noted by the GOP legislators. They cited “lapses” that have appeared repeatedly in his behavior as a key reason for penning the letter.

“We are worried about your mental abilities,” stated the letter. “Regardless of gender, age or political party – [all presidents must] document and demonstrate sound mental abilities.”

The first letter from June 2021 had 13 signatories, which increased to 37 with the second letter sent in February 2022. The third letter had 54 signatories – including Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson, Georgia Rep. Jody Hice and more.

The 54 GOP legislators pointed out that “the American people have continued to lose faith in [Biden’s] ability to effectively and competently handle [his] duties as president of the United States.” They mentioned that 66 percent of voters think Biden should take the test, 56 percent of voters are “not confident” that Biden is fit for the presidency and 64 percent of voters believe he has shown signs of being “too old to execute the duties” of the presidency.

They concluded that Biden’s gaffes “are not isolated incidents” and form “part of a larger history of actions which exemplify cognitive disease.”

Watch Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson warning that Biden’s cognitive decline is getting worse by the day.

This video is from the SecureLife channel on Brighteon.com.

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