LGBT is an OBEDIENCE CULT that’s infected professional sports – players required to wear perversion symbols in order to participate

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Image: LGBT is an OBEDIENCE CULT that’s infected professional sports – players required to wear perversion symbols in order to participate

(Natural News) Some modern men are finally being men by actually taking a stand against the LGBT onslaught.

Seven players from an Australian National Rugby League (NRL) team are reportedly boycotting a key championship match this week because of the team’s decision to force them to wear a “gay pride” jersey bearing the LGBT “rainbow.”

The Manly Sea Eagles’ new pride jersey contains the usual garish color stripes in two places, including the collar. The purpose behind the jerseys is to “celebrate” LGBT “inclusion” in sports via the typical colored symbolism.

The team was scheduled to play in the one-off jersey against the Sydney Roosters – that is, until Josh Aloiai, Jason Saab, Christian Tuipulotu, Josh Schuster, Haumole Olakau’atu, Tolu Koula and Toafofoa Sipley all decided to band together and boycott the jersey.

The match is a pivotal one that will decide the club’s chances of making the NRL finals, so for these brave men to do this in unity – and yes, this is a true example of stunning and brave – represents a big sacrifice and one that requires strong conviction.

Meanwhile, in the United States, LGBT-sympathizing members of Congress are pushing the so-called “Equality Act,” which would force school sports teams to accept “transgender” athletes who want to play with the wrong team.

Hasler bravely stands in solidarity with his team’s LGBT resistors

According to Manly Sea Eagles coach Des Hasler, players were never consulted about the pride jersey, which took them by surprise. Objecting on the basis of religious and cultural grounds, the aforementioned seven men are refusing to be forcibly branded with pride – and kudos to them for having the courage to do it, especially in today’s political climate.


“We accept their decision,” he is quoted as saying, standing in solidarity with the seven brave men on his team. “These young men are strong in their beliefs and their convictions and we will give them the space and the support they require.”

Hasler did, however, grovel before the Cult of LGBT by apologizing for the commotion, suggesting that his intent “was to be caring towards all diverse groups who face inclusion issues daily.”

“Sadly, this poor management has caused significant confusion, discomfort and pain for many people, in particular those groups whose human rights we in fact attempting to support,” he added.

“We wish to apologize to the LGBTQ community who embrace the rainbow colors, who use these colors for pride and advocacy and human rights issues.”

As usual, the “rainbow” cult jumped straight into the victimhood narrative, calling the players “homophobic” for refusing to be forced to wear satanic symbology in support of sexual perversion.

The Manly Sea Eagles team does not discriminate against anyone qualified and accepted to play, regardless of their sexual orientation. To force all players to “celebrate” sexual deviancy on the field, however, is a form of discrimination against players who reject the LGBT agenda, which these seven players do.

“Tolerance applies to ALL, including religious beliefs,” wrote a commenter at the Daily Mail (UK). “Would those calling for the jersey to be worn call for all to support the Christian players by wearing a cross?”

“Just let people watch sports and don’t bring politics and religion to the sporting field,” wrote another, likening the Cult of LGBT to a religion – which is exactly what it is.

“What a horrible world we now live in,” someone else added. “If the club wanted to not be divisive and instead inclusive then don’t you think everyone should have been included in the decision?”

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