Globalists are making moves to disrupt the food supply and pave the way for a Great Reset

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Image: Globalists are making moves to disrupt the food supply and pave the way for a Great Reset

(Natural News) Sweltering heatwaves have been baking the European continent since June as temperatures inch near or above 40 C across western Europe. The heat is now moving east, where it is expected to linger until August.

“We have had an outstanding increase in the number [and] intensity of heatwaves. The last one is just the continuation of the series,” climate scientist Robert Vautard of the France Climate and Environment Sciences Laboratory told the news outlet VOA.

Massive forest fires are happening in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, and other parts of Europe. More than a thousand people were reported to have died due to heat, mostly in southern Europe. The heat and the fires are destroying human lives, livestock and properties and essential crops.

Peter Koenig, a geopolitical analyst and former World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO) senior economist, commented in a Global Research article: “Are these fires the result of the heat, or could they be caused by an intentional and planned arson?”

Koening presented some more instances that could be considered an engineered effort to destroy humanity. He said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, one of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) young global leaders, is imposing on its farmers an up to 30 percent reduction of farmland and cattle farms. Rutte is one of the active proponents of the Great Reset.

“Under close surveillance of the WEF and its ‘green agenda,’ the order is under the pretext that the cattle manure releasing these horrible climate change gases, ammonia, carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide, will help accelerate ‘climate change,'” Koenig added. (Related: The Dutch government’s claim that nitrogen is a “pollutant” relies on the same junk science fiction as vaccines and climate change.)


He said some 30 percent of the farmers would not only lose their source of living, but they are mandated to surrender their lands to the government in exchange for a minimal amount of money. The lands will be used for the administration’s “green” purposes.

“Who knows? Maybe Bill Gates will lease or buy it to produce insects and bugs for his new ‘green’ insect burgers and other disgusting replacements of one of humanity’s main and oldest staple food,” the analyst said. “This is criminally ridiculous.”

Recently, roughly 40,000 Dutch farmers and supporters blocked highways to and from major cities and main distribution arteries in the country and between Holland and Germany. The protests have continued across the country with no sign of abating.

Pandemic Treaty to give WHO jurisdiction over 194 nations

Climate alarmists are programming the public minds with “harsh climate conditions” heavily compounded with the brainwashing efforts that food production destruction and energy supply disruption is caused by the extreme heat and the Ukraine war.

This narrative deviates the public attention from the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, a tyrannical pact that would give the agency unprecedented, undemocratic jurisdiction over its 194 member nations.

Under the said treaty, WHO could order mandatory vaccines, digital health IDs, lockdowns, isolation, testing regimes, no-jab-no-job rules or anything else it decided as a policy, irrespective of dissenting voices.

“Apparently it is possible and likely, that the two-thirds law is quietly and silently being amended by a simple majority,” Koenig noted.

He said the WHO could declare the common flu a pandemic and request absolute vaccine mandates under the said agreement. The agency would be empowered to impose mandatory fraudulent testing kits and require the people to take on the experimental Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

Fortunately, people are showing signs that they are ready to fight back.

Member of the Austrian Parliament Gerald Hauser criticized Health Minister Johannes Rauch over the latter’s admission that health policy competencies are being handed over to WHO via the pandemic treaty.

“This is a clear abolition of our parliamentary democracy. We want to retain national sovereignty and we don’t want Bill Gates and company to decide on health measures in Austria in the future,” Hauser said during a parliamentary session.

Watch the below video that talks about the 50 years of failed “expert” predictions about the climate.

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