AP abandons facts, demands all media outlets play along with transgender pronoun insanity

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Image: AP abandons facts, demands all media outlets play along with transgender pronoun insanity

(Natural News) The Associated Press (AP) has added a new “Topical Guide” for transgender coverage to its style manual that urges media reporters, journalists and writers to cater to the ever-changing language demands of the transgender cult.

The guide calls for “unbiased language” to be used in articles, for instance, meaning every trans pronoun – including “they” as a singular pronoun, which is grammatically incorrect – should be inserted into articles about transgenders so as not to “offend” them through “misgendering.”

The guide also calls for those in the media to “avoid false balance [by] giving a platform to unqualified claims or sources in the guise of balancing a story by including all views” – a real word salad mouthful, eh?

“A person’s sex and gender are usually assigned at birth by parents or attendants and can turn out to be inaccurate,” the guide goes on to explain erroneously. (In a related story, an LGBT medical school student was caught intentionally harming a patient for using what she deemed to be the “wrong” gender pronouns during an interaction.)

“Experts say gender is a spectrum, not a binary structure consisting of only men and women, that can vary among societies and can change over time.

The AP has gone “woke”

Other slanted ideas in the AP’s new Topical Guide include the notion that chemically altering hormones and slicing off body parts is a helpful way for gender dysphoric children to avoid having suicidal thoughts.


One section of the document claims that in 2020, “conservative-leaning U.S. state legislatures began considering a wave of bills aimed at transgender youth,” the use of the words “aimed at” conjuring up imagery of gun violence.

“Many political observers assert that the legislation is being used to motivate voters by falsely framing children as under threat,” the document goes on to state, again using the word “threat” to invoke ideas of violence.

The AP also takes issue with legislation in some parts of the country that prohibits biological males pretending to be females from participating in female sports. The AP claims that gender dysphoric youth are “an already marginalized community,” and that telling them they cannot play on the opposite gender’s sports teams is a form of abuse.

To call the transgender mafia “marginalized” is simply laughable, as LGBT everything now gets preference and special treatment over everything else. But these are the slanted ideas being presented by the AP as normal and standard, demonstrating that the formerly esteemed media outfit is no longer credible.

The AP even now goes so far as to claim that it is a complete mystery as to why transgender “women,” meaning men pretending to be women, almost always outperform real women on the field or in the pool.

“Proponents of such restrictions assert that transgender women have an athletic advantage over cisgender women,” the AP suggests.

“Transgender athletes’ backers argue, among other things, that individuals are different, that sweeping restrictions overblow the prevalence of the issue, and that it’s not possible to know with certainty what gives any particular athlete, transgender or cisgender, a competitive edge.”

The AP does not even like people using phrases like “biological male” because they deconstruct the fairy tale world of transgenderism, which is nothing more than mental illness and oftentimes narcissism presented as a different “identity.”

Back to the issue of pronouns, the AP wants writers to avoid specifying “preferred” or “chosen” pronouns when talking about transgenders, and to instead write it as “the pronouns they use.” The AP also does not like transgenders being referred to as transgenders, instead suggesting the phrase “transgendered persons.”

The latest news about the trans cult can be found at Transhumanism.news.

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