‘Woke’ ballet school now dropping ballet from auditions, claiming it is ‘white’ and ‘elitist’

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Image: ‘Woke’ ballet school now dropping ballet from auditions, claiming it is ‘white’ and ‘elitist’

(Natural News) Far-left insanity continues to reach new heights, mostly because far too many of us put up with it and the lunatics pushing it.

The latest example involves a dance school that has now dropped traditional ballet auditions because it’s too “white” and too “elitist,” the UK’s Telegraph reports.

The Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) in Leeds, England, which has proudly announced that it seeks to be a “progressive institution,” has revised and removed what it calls the “elitist” art form as part of a new ‘diversity’ effort that includes a raft of new policies that are related to gender and race — all of which are really just aimed at formalizing racism against white people as some wicked form of ‘payback’ despite the fact that no white Europeans or those of Euro descent in America ever owned a human being in their lives (or knew anyone who did).

The Telegraph continues:

Ballet has been ditched as a requirement for school-entry auditions because of its “contentious nature”, with teaching staff explaining that the traditional mode of dance comes with the baggage of “white European ideas.”

The centuries-old art form was seen as being a barrier to inclusion because of the exclusionary financial burden of taking classes, and also because of its idealizing of certain European body shapes, and division of roles along gender lines.

For the record, performing ballet was never supposed to be something everyone could do; that’s what makes it such a unique art form. Only the most talented among us can master it, just like any other art form or skill — there is no ‘skin color’ requirement. And never mind that children who grow up around parents who have mastered the form are more likely to want to do it as well, but now that’s considered “racist” and the new left-wing race buzzword, “colonizing.”


The outlet notes further that the changes come after the conservatoire undertook work to “decolonize the curriculum” after caving to demands from the LGBTQ ‘community.’

Information from the NSCD said: “We review content and have removed ballet from our audition day due to its potentially contentious nature.”

“It is essentially an elitist form. Young people need to pay to take ballet classes as a general rule, and for a vast number of potential students, they’ve not had access to ballet,” said Francesca McCarthy, head of undergraduate studies at the conservatoire.

“It is a very specific form that is built around particular white European ideas and body shapes that are often alienating to young people who do not fit that aesthetic ideal. There are issues relating to body, money, language and movement vocabulary,” she said.

But here’s the real issue, apparently, and this is where the gay/lesbian/trans community influence comes in, per The Telegraph:

The issue of vocabulary hinges on ballet’s traditional terminology – which has led to gender distinctions such as “ballerina” for women and “danseur” for men – and the everyday use of “men and women” or “girls and boys” in dance classes.

The split of roles along gender lines, with female dancers tending towards pointe work and men customarily performing leaps and lifts, has also been cited as an issue, and the NSCD is seeking to become more inclusive by tackling distinctions.

“Ballet has strongly gendered roots in terms of the movement vocabulary,” McCarthy continued.

“Most of our ballet staff were trained at a time where divisions in the teaching of ballet were clear and men lifted women. There was a shift to ladies and gentlemen over time, but this is still problematic in relation to the inclusion of non-binary and trans dancers,” she added.

So her solution and that of the school is to punish the 98 percent of the human race that is not confused about which gender they are. Perfect.

Left-wing lunacy is destroying Western civilization. They will succeed if we let them.

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