Lawfare with Tom Renz: Courtney Flynn says woke makeup giant Sephora pushing RACISM under the guise of “diversity and inclusion” – Brighteon.TV

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Image: Lawfare with Tom Renz: Courtney Flynn says woke makeup giant Sephora pushing RACISM under the guise of “diversity and inclusion” – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) French makeup and beauty company Sephora espouses racism under the convenient guise of “diversity and inclusion,” according to California resident Courtney Flynn.

During her appearance on the July 19 episode of “Lawfare with Tom Renz” on Brighteon.TV, she recounted how the makeup giant discriminated against her solely on the basis of her White ethnicity. She had previously participated in the company’s five-month bootcamp for small, female-owned businesses back in 2019. Her product, a supply chain planning software for small businesses, landed her the No. 2 spot out of thousands of people.

Flynn continued to improve on her product based on the feedback she received and reapplied for the bootcamp in 2020 at Sephora’s urging. However, she failed to qualify for a reason that has nothing to do with with her product.

“I saw a post on [Sephora’s] social media that essentially … announced [that] the class participating in this [2020] training program … [would be] 100 percent exclusively people of color. They were no longer accepting White people,” Flynn said. (Related: WHITE PEOPLE: The only race you can legally discriminate against in the USA.)

“They are very clear that they only chose people of color, and they try to go on and justify it. My favorite is that they call it “inclusive and diverse,” which is [actually] the opposite.”

Flynn lamented that Sephora neither evaluated her application nor gave it “a second look” as she did not fit the company’s race requirements. “I just got a generic ‘declined’ email. They didn’t reach out to me, and I haven’t heard from them since.”


Initially tolerating the discrimination she experienced, Flynn later sued Sephora in federal court. She filed a lawsuit against the makeup giant on March 18 at the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. “We’re playing the initial motion game of dismissals,” she updated the Ohio attorney.

“When I first discovered the reason why I wasn’t accepted into the program, I really thought that there was no way I could do anything. I kind of let that sit for a couple of months. [But] I just thought – I can’t let this happen.”

Sephora justifies racism as “trying to right a wrong”

“Sephora isn’t stopping this policy. It wasn’t a one-time thing; they’re continuing to do this,” Flynn remarked.

True enough, an application page for potential Sephora scholars indicated that applicants should “self-identify as a member of an underrepresented minority group” such as Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asians.

Renz did not hide his disappointment over the supposedly “diverse and inclusionary” move by Sephora. He referenced Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who spoke about judging people by “the content of their character” instead of the color of their skin.

“What is most concerning for me is that it’s … a giant step back. We’re just going to start categorizing every human, [instead of] what [Dr.] King said [about] ‘judging people by the content of their character,'” he said. “If I look at you and I discriminate based on the color of your skin, that’s racism – and it shouldn’t exist.”

According to Flynn, Sephora justified its exclusion of Whites from training programs as “trying to right a wrong.” She added: “At what point have we righted that wrong, [and] how long do we do this? So I think in their mind, they think that it’s justified.”

The Brighteon.TV host agreed, saying: “I don’t know how punishing someone who’s innocent of [racism] is going to make up for any mistakes that someone else may have done 100 years ago. There’s racism today, but you didn’t do it. So why are they punishing you? [It] doesn’t make any sense.”

“Racism is never acceptable. I don’t care what color you look like on the outside; we’re all the same on the inside. I wouldn’t want to see it against [a] Black, White or brown person. We all bleed red, and we have to take a stand against this.”

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