NOT Canceled: ReAwaken America Tour changes venues in Rochester, Klaus Schwab invited to speak about Great Reset

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Image: NOT Canceled: ReAwaken America Tour changes venues in Rochester, Klaus Schwab invited to speak about Great Reset

(Natural News) There is a whole lot of misinformation flying around about ReAwaken Tour America’s upcoming event in Rochester, which the fake news media is falsely claiming was canceled.

In an update – watch below – Clay Clark explains to Gen. Flynn and several others on his show that the event is still happening but just needs a secured venue in which to hold it.

“Is there going to be a ReAwaken America Tour in Rochester? That’s like asking Gen. Flynn: Is there going to be patriotism?” Clark joked with his guests. “That’s like asking Thomas Renz: Is there going to be some exposing of Dr. Fauci on this show?”

“Absolutely we’re going to do it!”

Clark says that every time he books a ReAwaken America Tour event, he reaches out to five different venues to get individual commitments from all of them. He does this before he announces the location.

“Because behind the scenes, there is so much cancellation,” he says. “I mean, how many churches said: Oh yeah, we can host you, and then they bail out. So this is what happened, Gen. Flynn.”

Cancel culture aims to stop ReAwaken America Tour from gathering

Clark thought he had a secured venue, signed contract in hand, guaranteeing that the Rochester event would not be canceled due to pressure from the media, newfound fears about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), or whatever other excuse gets cooked up by the group’s detractors.


That contract was apparently in place until all of a sudden Clark found out via the corporate-controlled media that his Rochester event had supposedly been canceled – which is false.

“I got a contract, and in the contract I signed an agreement, and it says they can’t cancel due to pressure, media pressure, Covid-19, whatever, and you know, so, I talked to the venue and they said they’re not going to cancel, and then the media informs me: Business Insider informs me, Newsweek informs me, local media – they say: We’d love to interview you to see how you feel about the canceling of your event,” Clark explained.

“Now if the venue had decided to capitulate and get into the woke mob, we’ll still be having the event. So I called the second venue, and the second venue they lasted for 30 minutes.”

Needless to say, ReAwaken America Tour is still on the hunt for a secured location in which to hold the Rochester event. It will happen, Clark says, and an announcement will be made once more is known about it.

We also now know that World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab has been asked to attend and participate in a Question & Answer (Q&A) session to explain more about his so-called “Great Reset” for the world.

Thomas Renz is also involved with the ReAwaken America Tour. At past events, Renz has stated that the Fauci Flu plandemic was totally contrived as an exercise in fear and manipulation, having absolutely nothing to do with protecting public health.

“Everything we’ve heard from the government is based on fear and manipulation,” added a commenter at Natural News about Renz’s claims. “All wars, depressions, etc. – we’re living government-controlled lies as our reality.”

Another wrote that it is unfortunate the truth about the scamdemic is coming out as slowly as it is because more people need to wake up already.

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