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Image: Connecting the Dots with Dan Happel: Education molds students to be workers, not thinkers – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) The United States educational system is now focused on creating a capable workforce instead of producing an enlightened group of thinkers.

During the July 19 episode of “Connecting the Dots” with Dan Happel on Brighteon.TV, he and guest John “Jake” Klyczek discussed the takeover of the U.S. education system and how it is leading Americans to the fourth industrial revolution.

What Klyczek noticed about the education system during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is that the government basically skipped the necessary requirements for educators, especially when it comes to getting their online training certificates.

Before the pandemic, online teachers needed to go through various training sessions at the community and state level before getting their certificates.

Upon writing about the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers cozying up to Big Tech and the World Economic Forum, Klyczek said he also uncovered the role of the International Labor Organization in centralizing organized labor on a global scale.

“It ties into something called the Global Council of Unions and an international union called Education International, which is what the series largely focused on,” he said.

There seems to be global governance that is trying to galvanize organized labor under a technocratic system.

So now, there is a labor force that has the ability to do a good job but doesn’t think too far outside the box. This labor force will not present any kind of leadership problem. (Related: BardsFM host Scott Kesterson: Majority of Americans will obey the government with no questions asked – Brighteon.TV.)


Apparently, those in control don’t want to deal with people who ask questions. All they want are compliant individuals who are willing to work.

Education system not evolving to address needs of individuals

The education system is not evolving to address the needs of individuals. The labor market needs are rapidly changing, but institutions still do not align themselves by rethinking program developments to better prepare their students for a dynamic work environment.

Educational institutions should align programs with the needs of the market. Institutions could stay ahead of the curve by adopting learning processes that include understanding current trends across industries, identifying the shifts in technical and nontechnical skills and revamping current programs or designing new ones to prepare students.

However, the schools are not doing this. As Klyczek explained, it is like looking at teaching as something similar to psychological conditioning, with the idea of bypassing the thinking part of the brain and conditioning students to create automatic reflexes to environmental stimuli.

Eventually, artificial intelligence could replace a lot of the human input into the thinking process, leading to the fourth industrial revolution. (Related: Futurist suggests merging our brains with AI to keep pace with their IQ growth, otherwise we may not survive.)

And with a workforce full of people who don’t ask questions, there’s going to be no resistance to it. The plan is so simple, you just have to connect the dots.

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Watch the video below for the rest of Dan Happel’s conversation with Jake Klyczek.

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