Jeff Nyquist tells Dr. Steve Hotze: Communism is a science of how to take power and carry out a revolution – Brighteon.TV

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Image: Jeff Nyquist tells Dr. Steve Hotze: Communism is a science of how to take power and carry out a revolution – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) For Jeff Nyquist, communism is not an ideology – never was, never will be.

“A lot of people think Communism, Marxism-Leninism is an ideology, it’s not. It’s a science of how to take power, how to do a revolution. In the end, it’s a science of why the revolution is inevitable and how and why they are going to do it. And that is different than an ideology because they don’t believe and see that their belief system is the truth,” Nyquist told Dr. Steve Hotze during the July 18 episode of “The Dr. Hotze Report” on Brighteon.TV.

According to Nyquist, communism’s basic principle is all about power and how to take, seize and hold it forever. The author of the book “Origin of the Fourth World War” added that communists are experimenting on people like guinea pigs.

“The communists can change, create new versions, put new twists and hide and use different terminology in their beliefs,” Nyquist said. In other words, communism is flexible.

Hotze said a communist movement is taking over the entire world and the United States is the key obstructing factor. But he warned that it has already hit America, infiltrating the American government, churches, educational systems and businesses.

“Americans need to wake up and see these people for what they are,” Hotze said.

Nyquist, a blogger who has written articles for several outlets, pointed out that communists believe that humans are communists by nature because prehistoric people lived in hunter-gathering communist societies.


He also noted that communists believe in the dialectical cycle, where the “haves” overthrow the “have nots.”

“They don’t believe that their system is an ideology. They believe Marxism-Leninism is a science. And it’s the science of how to help the revolution, how to give birth to the revolution, how to lead it and then guide the process. And so once the revolution happens and socialism is in control of the entire planet, they evolve towards communism,” Nyquist explained.

Communism rejects all biblical principles

According to Hotze, communism rejects all the principles of the Bible. “It is a satanic movement whose philosophy is demonic because it rejects God,” he said.

He added that anyone who buys into this corrupt system is really buying into a satanic system that opposes God and the Bible.

Unfortunately, many Americans have bought into it.

Nyquist said the communists used subversion and infiltration to weaken morality and corrupt the American political, police, security and medical systems. He mentioned that the homosexual and feminist movements were led by people who have communist affiliations.

The author and journalist also revealed that the program of the Communist Party USA, which is called the Road to Socialism, is being followed by the Democratic Party. (Related: The Democratic party has become radicalized into the party of communism, violence and anti-America.)

Nyquist said the program has declared that the enemies are the Christians, the ultra-right wingers and the people who believe in the Constitution.

“It is really shocking to know that the Democratic candidates’ talking points during the 2020 election were all found in the program of the Communist Party USA,” he said.

Hotze concluded: “The Democrat Party is now a Communist Party and they are a bunch of dirty communists whose one goal is to destroy America.”

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