“Sabotage Joe” fake president threatens to declare CLIMATE EMERGENCY and invoke destructive executive orders to shut down America’s entire energy infrastructure

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Image: “Sabotage Joe” fake president threatens to declare CLIMATE EMERGENCY and invoke destructive executive orders to shut down America’s entire energy infrastructure

(Natural News) Imagine America with no more offshore oil rigs functioning at all. Imagine a ban on the construction of new refineries or pipelines. Consider the horrifying ramifications of our entire nation being plunged into a Sri Lanka-style collapse with engineered fuel scarcity affecting trains, long-haul trucks and all forms of transportation.

Imagine no more. “Sabotage Joe” is reportedly planning on declaring a climate emergency and invoking executive orders that would make all these things a reality.

With these executive orders, America would be plunged into Third World status, with near-total economic collapse, mass starvation, widespread power grid failures and civil unrest events off the charts. This is the plan of the climate cultists who are now at war with human civilization and who seek the complete dismantling of fossil fuel infrastructure across planet Earth, even if it means billions of people are plunged into poverty and starvation. (See Climate.news for more coverage of the climate cult.)

Climate cultists demand Sabotage Joe dismantle America’s fossil fuel infrastructure and leave the country in shambles

As both the Washington Post and Associated Press are reporting, Joe Biden is poised to declare a climate emergency and sign executive orders that would strangle America’s energy infrastructure. Biden’s destructive executive orders are reported to be based on this document from The Center for Biological Diversity, which outlines the following demands to collapse America’s energy infrastructure:


  1. Banning all oil exports from America, bankrupting many of America’s oil companies.
  2. Ban all oil extraction and exploration from 11 million acres of ocean waters off the coastline of the continental United States. This would drive a stake through the heart of America’s energy supply and bankrupt oil operations nationwide.
  3. Ban the importation of most fossil fuels, making sure that America’s collapsing domestic supply could not be replaced with energy from other countries.
  4. Halt oil extraction from the Permian Basin, which currently supplies about 25% of America’s domestic oil. The EPA is also trying to do this through a regulatory attack.
  5. Ban construction of most fossil fuel infrastructure projects such as refineries, pipelines or drilling rigs.

Taken together, these actions represent a suicide cult blueprint for the collapse of America by taking away the energy infrastructure that allows this nation to operate. Without oil and natural gas, the United States of America would have no way to transport coal to power plants, resulting in nationwide blackouts and the collapse of most industry and private sector operations. This, in turn, would result in mass joblessness, homelessness and destitution.

Without affordable fuel for transportation and logistics:

  • Food would not be delivered to grocery stores
  • Agriculture and farming operations would cease
  • All construction and road repair would grind to a halt
  • Coal would not be delivered to power plants
  • Consumer goods would not get delivered to retail stores
  • No replacement parts would be available for anything: Air conditioners, tractors, cars, buses, airplanes, etc.

In essence, if these executive orders are invoked and allowed to stand, it would mean the total destruction of America and a catastrophic collapse into a Third World existence. Almost certainly, at least 200 million Americans would die in the collapse due to mass starvation, violence, social unrest, suicides and more. The nation would be gutted.

This is apparently what climate cultists want, of course: The complete extermination of human civilization, which they consider to be a scourge on the planet. To save the Earth, they believe, they must wipe out most human beings living today. Achieving that requires an economic collapse and widespread food scarcity, so these policies are designed to achieve precisely those outcomes.

Climate cultists are eco-terrorists

Because climate cultists believe they are fighting for the very survival of the planet, there’s no limit to the number of human beings they will murder to achieve their stated goals. That’s why climate cultists are actually eco-terrorists who repeatedly target human civilization and human infrastructure with acts of sabotage. They see human infrastructure as destructive and human beings as carbon polluters. They will not be satisfied until they tear down every system that keeps humanity alive, including agriculture, transportation and the power grid.

Only in darkness and destitution will the climate cultists find happiness. When billions die, the cities have collapsed and the roads are empty climate cultists will finally claim to have achieved “sustainability,” even though most of them will have already died from their own self-induced starvation. If we turn our policies over to these left-wing lunatics, we join their suicide cult that can only end in global depopulation, starvation and suffering.

The world needs fossil fuels to function. If you shut down the fossil fuel infrastructure while falsely claiming to be in a “transition” to green energy, you only end up transitioning into mass global death and suffering. Green energy isn’t yet able to power tractors, transport trucks, trains and a reliable power grid. Until that day comes — which will require decades of research into improved batteries, hot fusion and cold fusion energy systems — shutting down fossil fuels is a suicide mission.

Elections have consequences. Rigged elections have catastrophic consequences.

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