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Image: Lawfare with Tom Renz: Health freedom fighter Pam Popper discusses the importance of people coming together as one – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Health freedom fighter Pam Popper talked about the importance of people coming together as one during the July 12 episode of “Lawfare with Tom Renz” on Brighteon.TV.

Popper is the co-founder of Make Americans Free Again (MAFA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to “eliminating medical tyranny, restoring freedom to Americans and rebuilding the country.” Renz serves as the organization’s lead counsel.

The Ohio attorney described MAFA as a group focused on health freedom and related issues, but clarified that it is not political. He added that the group welcomes everybody, as long as they believe in health freedom and bodily integrity.

Popper said MAFA is working to make life livable for Americans who are suffering. It also seeks to rebuild American society in a certain way, through people who help each other.

The MAFA co-founder recounted that she was very inspired when she began the group, especially during the period when people were not allowed to congregate. Through the organization, Popper and others were able to build a parallel society that deals with the issues of the day. These issues include mask mandates, capacity limits on gatherings, getting children out of public schools, the transgender agenda, small business rescue and food independence.

MAFA is built around the idea of people getting together and supporting each other

According to Renz, people can do universal things such as getting involved and becoming active in their communities. A person does not have to be great at everything to do something. (Related: Holly Jones tells Tom Renz: Every American can do something for America – Brighteon.TV.)


The lawyer remarked that the group stems from a “very consistent” idea of people getting together, supporting each other on issues and fighting effectively.

Popper agreed, telling Renz that every person can make life tolerable as the current situation in America is “not correct” and “not right.” While the precarious situation is not going to occur for a long time, she said Americans have a long road ahead.

According to the MAFA co-founder, her group has been raising huge amounts of money for their legal assistance fund and for lawsuits against any form of tyranny.

Popper said that with discipline, 80 million people can become an immovable force fighting for bodily integrity and freedom from medical tyranny. No government force in the world could interfere with 80 million people woven together by a common cause, she added.

“There is nothing sustainable to hold the people together, but I believe that everyone needs a local community connection where each person is helping one another.”

Renz also lauded his guest’s organization for doing a wonderful job of disciplining and organizing itself. “It’s been a very concerted effort on everybody’s part to build this organization and see it grow,” he said.

“It’s the training that you do on a consistent daily basis that makes you win or lose that fight. MAFA is that training. It’s that foundation. It’s the stuff that you build from and allows you to have that great day where you go do the fight because you, then, have that support and that backing.”

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