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Image: Melissa Red Pill on deconstructing the Deep State – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Melissa Red Pill talked about how to deconstruct the Deep State during the July 13 episode of “Freedom Force Battalion” on Brighteon.TV.

Red Pill showed a video clip of Mike Davis, founder and president of Article III Project (A3P), during an interview with “War Room” host Steve Bannon. In the interview, Davis gave an interesting explanation about how to deconstruct the administrative state, more popularly known as the Deep State.

She noted that the Deep State is made up of unelected people who want to make all the rules and decisions for the American people.

Melissa Red Pill cited as an example the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which was recently struck down by the Supreme Court. She said, according to the Supreme Court the EPA does not have the power to do all these regulations and all the enforcement related to air quality. (Related: Melissa Red Pill lauds Supreme Court over recent decisions – Brighteon.TV.)

EPA officials are not elected and Congress cannot delegate these powers to them because it would not go through all of the checks and balances that the Legislative and Executive departments are doing. Red Pill pointed out that this administrative state is not part of the government and they don’t have any legal authority and constitutional authority to rule over the American people.

In the interview, Davis discussed the three-part process of deconstructing the administrative state. The first part is the courts need to look at the enabling statutes that Congress gave to these agencies when they were set up.


Davis said the EPA’s claim that they had the statutory power to make regulations and enforce them was not true because they didn’t have the power when the Supreme Court clarified it under their statute. He also mentioned the decision made by Florida State Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who junked the mask mandate of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on airplanes.

“The CDC never had the power to mask us or to tell us to do anything, to jab us, to lock us down. They don’t have that authority. This is the kind of thing that has to go through Congress in a vote and signed by the President,” Red Pill said.

Congress cannot delegate its legislative powers to the Executive branch

Davis also explained during his “War Room” interview that Congress cannot delegate its legislative powers to the Executive branch. That’s the focal point of the second part of deconstructing the administrative state.

The A3P founder and president said these agencies don’t have the constitutional constraints of legislation, which means they didn’t have to go through both Houses of Congress and get the president’s signed approval.

The third part of deconstructing the administrative state involves the Constitution, which only gives the federal government specific and enumerated powers.

According to Davis, the judges need to step up and say that the federal government doesn’t have this power in the first place and that Congress doesn’t have the power to delegate it to the Executive branch. Davis said the Founding Fathers perfectly understood that giving power to some could lead to tyranny.

Red Pill agreed and said tyranny is exactly what the Deep State is trying to achieve.

“This is the whole point of tyranny, with the government wanting to control every little aspect of a person’s life and do all kinds of things.”

The people can address that by choosing the right candidates during elections.

Watch the July 13 episode of “Freedom Force Battalion” below. “Freedom Force Battalion” airs every Wednesday at 11-12 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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