Biden admin wasting $1.5M in tax dollars to promote transgender ideology in federal prisons

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Image: Biden admin wasting $1.5M in tax dollars to promote transgender ideology in federal prisons

(Natural News) The Biden administration is spending $1.5 million to promote transgender ideology in federal prisons, a move Republican lawmakers described as “flushing taxpayer money down the drain.”

The egregiously wasteful endeavor came to light by means of a July 2021 contract signed by the Department of Justice‘s Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and Carson City, Nevada-based The Change Companies (TCC). The agreement involved a “transgender programming curriculum” amounting to $1.5 million, the details of which are reportedly set to be finalized on Sept. 30.

In a statement, the BOP said the program will provide “techniques to seek support for mental health concerns and skills to advocate for physical, emotional and sexual health and safety.”

“The BOP recognizes the importance of appropriate gender-affirming management and treatment of transgender individuals in its custody. By entering into a contract with The Change Companies, the BOP is able to expand program offerings for transgender inmates,” its statement added.

Since 2008, TCC has received $3.4 million in awards from the BOP in four states – Nevada, West Virginia, California and Kansas. The July 2021 contract was among the largest the federal agency awarded to the Nevada-based firm.

A report by the Epoch Times stated that the contract with TCC includes “full curricula and facilitator’s guides, instructional workbooks and videos.”

Amid criticism, the BOP reiterated that it “maintains procurement integrity and compliance with laws and federal regulations when procuring contracts of goods and services.” It added that “the award of this contract was compliant with federal law and regulations to include fair pricing.”


At least two GOP lawmakers took to social media to blast the contract. “Programming meant to push the transgender agenda in U.S. prisons should not be paid for by taxpayers,” tweeted Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall.

Meanwhile, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert wrote: “Biden is purposefully flushing your tax dollars down the drain.”

Transgenderism in prisons do more harm than good

The Biden administration is seemingly unaware of, if not deliberately turning a blind eye to, the dangers of transgenderism in prisons.

Incorporating progressive “woke” ideology in prisons, especially in women’s correctional facilities, only increases the frequency of sexual assault. California served as a perfect example of this, thanks to Senate Bill (SB) 132 signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom and became effective on Jan. 1, 2021.

The law permitted transgender, non-binary and intersex people “to be housed and searched in a manner consistent with their gender identity.” Upon the law’s passage, transgender inmates were transferred to women’s prisons – which increased the number of sexual assaults in the Golden State’s penal system.

In response to the repercussions of SB 132, feminist group Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) filed a lawsuit against SB 132 in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of California in November 2020. The lawsuit sought to overturn the law, alleging that it creates an unsafe environment for women by putting female prisoners at risk of being raped.

Two incarcerated women, who were sexually assaulted by transgender or non-binary inmates, joined the list of plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Other inmates listed as plaintiffs argued that SB 132 violates their religious beliefs by forcing them to share space with transgender women.

Amie Ichikawa, co-founder of the female inmates’ rights group Woman II Woman, expressed shock over the bill’s passage. “We’ve gotten so many calls, letters [and] different messages of women feeling forgotten [and] completely excluded,” she said. Her organization is also a party to WoLF’s November 2020 lawsuit.

Ichikawa clarified that she is not opposed to providing a protected environment for transgender inmates. Rather, she lamented that the system does not prevent sexual predators from gaining access to female facilities by claiming they are transgender.

Watch the video below as Martin Brodel talks about an inmate who became pregnant after California passed SB 132.

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