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Image: Matrixxx Grooove with Jeff and Shady: America is the greatest nation because it gives people freedom – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Shannon “ShadyGrooove” Townsend believes that America is the greatest nation for two reasons: First, because it gives people freedom, and second, because people have a voice in the system they helped create.

“We need, as Americans, to be a little more forceful – and maybe more arrogant. People refer to it as arrogance whenever you say America is the greatest nation,” he said during the July 5 episode of “The Matrixxx Grooove Show” on Brighteon.TV.

“America is the greatest nation because it gives people freedom. It’s not the greatest nation because of its king. It’s not the greatest nation because of its ruler. It’s the greatest nation because the people have the final say in the system that we created here.”

According to Townsend, America’s system of government is the exact alternative to either monarchy or tyranny. He added that there is not another country in the world that allows the people to govern themselves except America. (Related: The illusion of freedom: We’re only as free as the government allows.)

The program host also noted that QAnon and former President Donald Trump have amplified and echoed freedom for people worldwide in such a way that humanity is currently seeing tyranny to a certain degree that they wouldn’t have thought possible.

This tyranny mainly originated from the Antifa and the Left, which oppose Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) ideology. Townsend remarked that Americans have seen much more anger and destruction from the leftists and their allies compared to MAGA supporters.


Co-host Jeffrey “InTheMatrixxx” Pedersen, meanwhile, played a wine commercial for We The People Wine to express his agreement with Townsend. The advertisement featured a speech from former President Ronald Reagan, which talked about how freedom is fought for, protected and handed to the next generation. The speech also instructed the next generation to do the same thing in order to stay free.

Freedom now under threat from the globalists

Pedersen showed a video of independent German journalist Alina Lipp, who is being persecuted by both German and Ukrainian authorities for telling the truth about the conflict in Ukraine.

The 28-year-old Lipp, who lives in Donetsk, has transmitted first-hand information from the Donbas region in three languages. However, her reports have earned the ire of the German government – especially when she revealed that Ukraine is committing genocide on its own people.

“I am simply filming everything I see around, doing interviews with people in Donetsk and merely translating them into German,” she said. “What is it that’s illegal or dangerous in that?”

According to Pedersen, Berlin has criminally charged Lipp and sentenced her to three years in prison for interviewing the citizens and reporting it. Kyiv has also labeled her a terrorist.

Townsend pointed out that Lipp was a journalist simply trying to get the story, looking for the truth of what is going on and sharing it with other people. He said that the globalists in Berlin and Kyiv, who are telling people what they can and cannot do, are the real terrorists.

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Watch the July 5 episode of “The Matrixxx Grooove Show” with Jeff and Shady below. “The Matrixxx Grooove Show” airs Monday to Friday at 12-1 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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