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Image: Major General Paul E. Vallely tells Dr. Peter Breggin: America is facing external and internal enemies – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Retired Army Major General Paul E. Vallely has warned that the U.S. is facing both external and internal enemies.

“We’re faced with so many enemies, external as well as internal. We’re looking at this global reset. The globalists taking over the world [and] basically [having] puppets that will run these global governments at the country level,” Vallely told host Dr. Peter Breggin during the July 6 episode of “ReFounding America” on Brighteon.TV.

The former deputy commanding general of the U.S. Army in the Pacific noted the growth and expansion of China and the Chinese Communist Party. Vallely cited the massive improvement in China’s military, scientific and manufacturing capabilities, which allowed it to launch its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Formerly known as One Belt One Road or OBOR, BRI is a global infrastructure development strategy adopted by the Chinese government in 2013 to invest in nearly 70 countries and international organizations. It is considered a centerpiece of the Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s foreign policy. As of March 2022, 146 countries were listed as having signed up to the BRI.

Vallely also noted that the Chinese are now in control of the $5 billion worth of equipment that the U.S. left in the hands of Taliban forces at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan.

Threats from within

Breggin pointed out that the American government has been taken over by extreme left-wing progressives, who are not very different from global predators like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.


Many of these global predators have been identified in an upcoming book titled “America’s End Game for the 21st Century,” which Vallely co-authored with Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney and David Goetsch. Specifically, they identified 38 globalists working with Schwab and his World Economic Forum. Those people, Vallely said, are part of a shadow government that is running the show at the World Health Organization.

Vallely, chairman of Stand Up America, pointed out that the communists have been working for decades in America and have now influenced all of the major American universities with their leftist ideology. (Related: Alex Newman tells Dr. Peter Breggin: Global elites have driven the spread of communism around the world – Brighteon.TV.)

He also mentioned that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is being used to crush those opposing the Biden administration and that the left-wing Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are out to control the American people. They found an opening to do that when China released the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“The Democrats don’t want to lose what they have right now and they want to hold on to that power,” Vallely said.

Globalists out to destroy America

The retired major general also expressed concerns about the cartels controlling the southern border. According to Vallely, the borderless societies and borderless countries policy implemented several years ago in Europe marked the initial launch of the Great Reset.

That policy could also be implemented in America.

Breggin said there are leaders throughout the world like Schwab, Gates, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros who want to destroy America and enforce globalism.

“The globalist elites want to take charge and rearrange the world to meet their needs,” Breggin said. “They want to make a worldwide workforce that they can exploit everywhere in the world.”

Breggins pointed out that the globalists want a free labor market and they don’t want an entity that stands for freedom, especially individual freedom and political freedom, because they want global governance.

That’s the reason why they want Russia to fall.

Vallely said the Russians are not going to tolerate the globalists. He also mentioned that Russian President Vladimir Putin knows what is going on and is doing everything to spoil the plans of the globalists.

Watch the July 6 episode of “ReFounding America” below. “ReFounding America” with Peter Breggin M.D. airs every Wednesday at 6-7 p.m. and every Saturday at 1-2 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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