Leftist mob wants Justice Barrett and her daughters raped

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Image: Leftist mob wants Justice Barrett and her daughters raped

(Natural News) Crazed leftists on Twitter have lashed out in a series of vile, violent and profane threats, wishing Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and her daughters to get raped.

(Article by Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov republished from HeadlineUSA.com)

Radical leftists, in other words, showed their true colors once again. Aside from physical violence, like attacks on crisis pregnancy centers, activists also use words to threaten justices on social media. This time, they attacked justice Barrett, reported Western Journal.

One of the more demented leftists on Twitter, podcaster Ethan Klein, said that Barrett would get an abortion if she was raped by her relative.

Not only did Klein slander and grossly insult Barrett, he lied about her prior views on Roe.

Another demented leftist went even farther than Klein, fantasizing about Barrett getting raped, impregnated, giving birth to the child and losing it in one of the school shootings.

“How terrible it would be if Amy Coney Barrett were raped and impregnated, and then that kid shot in school,” he said.

Some of the Twitter tweet terrorists even fantasized about Barrett’s daughters getting raped and having a miscarriage.

“The flag isn’t me anymore. I used to be a proud American… [I’m] not! These Justices are cruel beyond belief,” yankeegilr2 said. “What will ACB do if one of her daughters has a miscarriage or gets raped?”

The award for the most despicable comment, however, would likely go to the violently graphic abortion fanatic who said he hopes Barrett’s granddaughters would get raped, too, and that the horror would be even better if they were forced to do that at gunpoint.

The tolerant, compassionate Left strikes again.

Read more at: HeadlineUSA.com

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