Saia freight company announces no more shipping of assembled or disassembled firearms

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Image: Saia freight company announces no more shipping of assembled or disassembled firearms

(Natural News) In response to the Supreme Court’s recent Second Amendment ruling along with the continued reporting of false flag shooting incidents across America, logistics giant Saia Inc. has announced that it will no longer carry assembled or disassembled firearms.

An announcement from the LTL (less than truckload) carrier indicates that the ban covers the shipment of parts “that could be assembled into a firearm once the carton was opened.”

“Saia continues to transport individual parts such as gun barrels and grips,” the company clarified. “It also continues to transport ammunition, which is a separate commodity classification, under its hazardous materials rules.”

While LTL carriers have traditionally not been best friends with firearms manufacturers, despite the attractiveness of hauling their dense and heavy freight, Saia drew a clear line in the sand “[i]n the wake of the spree of mass shootings in the U.S. over the past month,” one report explained.

“Saia’s move reflects the long-standing wariness of LTL carriers to move firearms,” that same report adds. “Even before the latest spate of shootings, carriers have distanced themselves from the commodity.”

“Firearms have never been a major segment of the typical LTL carrier’s portfolio. Today, it is easy to make the case for shedding the business due to negative optics, a general lack of comfort in hauling the product, greater liability and the risk of theft.”

The following video from “Legally Armed America” has more on all this:


Five Democrats behind LTL carrier bans on firearms

Saia is not the only LTL carrier making such a move. It turns out that many in the industry have all of a sudden, in perfect tandem with one another, decided to no longer carry assembled or disassembled firearms.

Is this just a coincidence? The answer is: of course not. Five key Democrats – Edward J. Markey, Richard Blumenthal, Cory A. Booker, Dianne Feinstein and Christopher G. Murphy – issued a demand that trucking and rail companies procure gun shipment statistics as a “solution” to the mass shootings.

Their claim is that freight carriers have “lax security” and are not doing enough to stop these false flag incidents from occurring. To avoid further scrutiny, these companies appear to be caving to the Democrats’ demands, even though they more than likely did nothing wrong.

“Five Democratic U.S. senators have asked 22 trucking and logistics companies and the country’s six Class 1 railroads to divulge firearms shipment data out of concern that security loopholes are contributing to rising gun violence,” one report revealed.

So this was a veiled threat, in essence, that caused the freight industry to comply rather than fight back because it was probably just too much trouble for a sector of the economy that already is not that heavily connected to LTL freight in the first place.

“The letter is clearly an open-ended threat of what things are coming,” says “Legally Armed America.”

“And, of course, with the fire being turned up with the Supreme Court rulings that are somewhat benefitting firearms owners, clearly this is going to be a retaliatory tool that they are going to use to force and intimidate some of these shipping companies.”

As the war against guns reaches a fever pitch in this country, you can expect more of this type of behavior from the likes of Blumenthal, Feinstein and the others, all of whom have made it their personal crusade to stamp out the Second Amendment one way or another, even by directly interfering with and threatening the logistics industry. (Related: Gov. Greg Abbott wants to make Texas a Second Amendment “sanctuary” state).

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