Bart Sibrel tells Mike Adams: NASA faked and lied about moon landing

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Image: Bart Sibrel tells Mike Adams: NASA faked and lied about moon landing

(Natural News) Author and filmmaker Bart Sibrel believes the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) faked and lied about the moon landing.

“A pure spirit not knowing about lies, they believe the lie that they were told. And so the same thing is true about the moon landing. I just assumed like everybody else that the government told the truth. And the number one answer I hear why they must be real is that the government won’t lie about such an important thing,” Sibrel told host Mike Adams during the July 1 episode of “Brighteon Conversations.” (Related: Bart Sibrel presents evidence claiming NASA faked the moon landings.)

Sibrel is an expert in rogue planets, maker of the documentary “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” and author of the book “Moon Man.” He has a collection of clips demonstrating that NASA faked many live broadcast elements during the Apollo missions.

The award winning filmmaker and writer said he was three and a half years into the seven-year project to finish up “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” when he came across an interesting NASA tape that contained special effects shots.

The tape, which was not available for public viewing, showed the Apollo 11 flight to the moon. Aside from the dubious Earth images taken from the Apollo spacecraft, Sibrel noticed the strange audio of NASA’s conversation with the astronauts.

The astronauts aboard Apollo 11 claimed that they were 130,000 miles away from Earth, but Sibrel said that was a lie because images showed they’re still within the planet’s orbit when they made that claim. He also shared that there were only 20 pictures of an astronaut standing on the surface of the moon, and that there’s not a single still picture of Neil Armstrong standing on the surface of the moon because he purportedly refused to have his picture taken.


There is plenty of evidence that moon missions are staged

According to rocket scientist Dr. Wernher von Braun, a rocket weighing 800,000 tons is needed to reach the moon – with a crew of three, enough oxygen, water and radiation protection.

Also, a manned spacecraft would have to go through 30,000 miles of dangerous radiation called the Van Allen radiation belt. Sibrel said every manned mission in the entire history of spaceflight has been 750 miles below it. He added that the technology for an astronaut to survive going through this radiation has yet to be invented.

Sibrel had requested the Geiger counter readings of an unmanned probe that had explored the radiation belts, but he was denied because it was classified information. He believes that this data would prove the impossibility of the moon missions.

A Geiger counter is a device used for the detection and measurement of all types of radiation.

The veteran filmmaker also showed a photo that can help prove that the moon missions were fake. He explained that it’s impossible for a picture that has objects casting shadows in different directions to have been taken in sunlight because it’s 20 times brighter on the moon with no atmosphere than on Earth.

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Watch the video below to know more about Bart Sibrel’s allegations that NASA faked the moon landing.

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